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The Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Leo

This is not a very harmonious combination, the personal tendencies being towards affection and hence conflicting with the internal ambitious instincts; nevertheless conjugality can be well expressed by this combination. There is some love of ostentation and display and the ideals are very high as regards the surroundings, whether artistic, social, or political. 

At its best, however this polarity gives a dignified, self-reliant nature, ambitious of power and distinction, firm, strong-willed, and with much force of character, honorable and kindly. There will probably be some dramatic power and ability for occupations connected with public life, theatres, concerts, music, public amusements etc.

The native is fitted for occupying a prominent position and with suitable aspects is likely to rise in life and gain both in dignity and authority. He is ambitious of social distinction and has some capacity for financial speculations and large business enterprises with probable success through them, if aspects are favorable. There will be gain by legacy or marriage. The native has good vitality and may expect to live long, unless the luminaries are afflicted. There is some likelihood of an accidental or rather sudden death; but not unless seriously afflicted.

Dr. A. Shanker

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