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What is Stationary Positions of the Planets?

While the motions of the planets round the Sun are quite uniform is themselves, yet the fact that we on the earth are also moving at the same time, and at a different speed, causes the apparent motion of these bodies to vary, being sometimes more than twice as much as at others, and often causing them to appear to move backwards in the Zodiac; this being called retrograde motion, indicated in the Ephemeries by the sign R. It is evident that in changing their apparent motions from direct to retrograde and vice versa, there will be a point at which the planet is stationary.

In the case of the swifter planets, ♂,  and ⚧, this has been shown in the Ephemeris, the date on which planet's motion changes from direct to retrograde and the zodiacal position it occupies when stationary being given at the foot of the page.

Since the apparent motion varies very greatly at these periods, when a birth occurs within a few days thereof, these dates should always be made the  basis of calculation, rather than the dates given in the column above, for the sake of greater accuracy.

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