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The Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius and in Pisces

This quickens the intuitions and enlarges the views; it gives ability to deal with the multitude and with associations and public bodies but there is a liability to over-exertion. It increases the qualities of imagination, wonder and sublimity and gives some attraction to the occult side of life. It will co-operate with any planetary positions that tend towards higher education and mental cultivation or to religion, philosophy, meta-physics or any form of original thought or scientific investigation. It is also a good combination for commercial life or any calling where the personality comes prominently before others.

The Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Pisces

This Combination gives much anxiety, restlessness and inclination to worry; but the prophetic nature can easily express itself through the personality. A strong religious tendency and an inclination to be charitable, sympathetic and benevolent but this is weekend by a lack of initiative, so that work is best carried out when under the direction of others. This is not a good combination for the health. This polarity is good for family life, good relations with parents and children, harmony of the home (unless "afflicted"). 

It tends somewhat to travelling, unless afflicted is moderately good for property and possessions, those in the lower ranks of life may benefit through almshouses, charitable institutions etc., while the well-to-do will be philanthropically disposed. 

Dr. A. Shanker

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