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The Sun in Capricorn, and Moon in Aries!

This gives a very ambitious individuality, possessing much independence, much strength of character, a keen love of justice and a desire to attain to the highest position possible. There is much self-reliance and determination expressed through this sign, which considerably strengthens the various personalities attached to it.

The Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Aries

This gives much ambition, a keen desire to be at the head of everything, much determination, extreme independence and self-assertion with very egotistical tendencies. It quickens all the Aries vibrations, giving an intense love of music. It brings the native into prominence, especially in governmental affairs or where there is great responsibility. The native is of a capable executive nature, has strong will and much force of character; can work hard and accomplish much. 

Suited for the army, for engineering or mining for large business undertakings, or for public life. If the influence of Mercury is strong in the horoscope he will be suitable for literary pursuits or for philosophical or scientific occupations, having an intellect keenly critical but not destructively so; not devotional in any way, but tending to bring everything to the test of practical life in outward action. If badly aspected, there may be some harshness or hardness, great irritability, and an undisciplined nature, causing family jars and public conflict.

Dr. A. Shanker

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