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The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aquarius

Employment in any Government ventures, a tendency to mix in large concerns; much conservatism with pride and a keen desire nature. There is a love of external appearances, wealth, and grandeur, but also some love of the occult and mysterious, nevertheless. This position tends somewhat to mental activity, which may take a variety of directions according to the type of horoscope and predominant planet. If Mercury is strong, intellectual activity will be increased. If Venus, the feelings and so on.

It gives some smartness, liveliness, acuteness, inventiveness, and originality, which under affliction may become irritability, nervous worry, or aggressiveness. Sometimes opinionated and dogmatic. A little lacking in pliability and adaptability; must do things in his own way or not at all. Apt to have keen likes and dislikes about his acquaintances.

A faithful friend and unchanging enemy. If benefices are strong may be very popular; if the reverse, may be ore disliked than native deserves. Has some natural dramatic power. It much attached to home life and except under contrary aspects does not easily forsake it. Will have much strength of will, mental concentration mesmeric power. Death may be comparatively sudden.

Dr. A. Shanker

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