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The Sun in Libra and Moon in Scorpio

This gives a love of approbation and an ambitious nature, the native being fully aware of his own abilities and inclined to be somewhat combative, - although not as assertive as would seem, owing to the individuality seeking to harmonize and soften the hard passiveness of Scorpio. Outwardly native will be positive, matter-of-fact, worldly, hard and sometimes a little coarse; but when intimately known, native will seem much more companionable, genial and yielding.
When the personality has the greater power there will be great energy, industry and ambition displayed. If the planetary positions are favorable, the native may be very practical and executive. There is danger of trouble connected with marriage or partnership; also of death of own parent (or of marriage partner's) early. If well "aspected" native may benefited much by marriage or partnership.
Dr. A. Shanker

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