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The Sun in Libra and Moon in Libra!

Although this gives a clear perception, there is apt to be too much reliance upon others, and inability to move forward spontaneously. This combination brings dreams and the power to see visions; it is good for the character, making it affable, courteous, obliging and well-disposed.
There is much foresight and mental sensitiveness, coupled with humanitarian views and a desire to go good; which are, however, very often spoilt by a self-centering inclination that makes the idealism of the 'dreamy' order and fails to accomplish that which it regards as ideal.
Much depends upon the planetary influences as to how this combination will act. The fate will be largely influenced by other people, either through marriage, partnership, or general association. At its best, this polarity may give a very harmonious mind, hopeful, practical along its own lines, popular and contented; artistic or musical also, with an ardent love of beauty.
Dr. A. Shanker

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