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The Sun in Cancer Sun-sign; Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries

This is not a strong position for the individuality; therefore the personal characteristics may considerably pull away from the higher qualities; tenacity, attachment and clinging desire for objects are  very marked. This position makes the individual character exceedingly sensitive, impressionable and highly emotional, often lacking in self-reliance, with a yearning for sensation. 

There is power to psychometric and sense the general conditions of others. it gives a very tenacious moral character, and the signs of awakening will be shown in activity and power.

The Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries

This combination gives a great deal of activity and much persistence; a liability to become headstrong and go to extremes, a love of fame and a desire to lead and be at the head of things. The native is independent, disliking control, rebellious, discontented, a disobedient servant; and will change his occupation more than once. 

The parents will affect the life very considerably; he may not get on with them, or may lose them early. There is a great deal of impulse in the personal character, which will bring many sorrows into the life. The head and stomach are likely to be affected. Success will come through public affairs, and fame will be steadfastly sought.

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