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The Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus

This gives a considerable amount of sensitiveness, but all the higher faculties are stimulated. At its best this polarity gives a share of both energy and perseverance, activity and practical ability. There is a fair amount of independence and resolution; the native inclines to run in a groove for a time, but changes come, perhaps suddenly, which quite alter the life, and a different groove is lived in.

There are some morbid tendencies in this combination, and self-control must be practice before success can be obtained, for this gives a very psychic nature, with keen intuitions, but great receptivity. The nature is imaginative, impressionable, and very easily affected by others. Good company should always be chosen. This combination makes good mediums, giving the ability to psychometric. There is a certain amount of fortune attached to this combination.

It favors the sympathetic temperament, but unless contradicted by planets, there may be a good deal of self and acquisitiveness. Fairly good for health. Some success in business or with houses or land.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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