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Essential elements of a horoscope!

Without going into details, a horoscope roughly consists of The Solar Position, The Lunar Position, The Ascendant, The planetary aspects. The importance of these four factors are indicated by their order, the solar position being paramount.

A) The Solar Position
B) The Lunar Position
C) The Ascendant
D) The planetary aspects

To revert to a previous simile, if (A), (B) and (C) be likened to the pounds, shillings and pence of ordinary currency, the planetary aspects may be considered as analogous to those commercial or political considerations which modify the “rate of exchange” or other financial conditions controlling the actual value of gold, silver or copper is the case may be. This analogy is closer than might be supposed, and it forms a very apt illustration of the way in which the “ascendant” or planetary aspects may modify the expression of a character that is there, but latent.

For, to continue the illustration, small articles can only be purchased by a copper or a liver coin; and unlimited wealth in gold is of little value for ordinary retail trading, if it is unaccompanied with an ample supply of small cash. Again, commercial operations cannot be carried on by a company, however wealthy, in a country where the requisite governmental concessions cannot be obtained. Yet in each case the wealth and the business ability may both be there, but unable to manifest owing to lack of suitable conditions.

These two instances illustrate by analogy how the qualities ‘latent’ in a polarity may lack the means of expression. The first one corresponds to a polarity which is only badly expressed through the ascendant while the second is analogous to the case in which a polarity is hampered or restricted in its expression through unfavorable “aspects.”
It is then important to understand and in studying the following “polarities” it is necessary constantly to bear in mind, that the Solar and Lunar positions by which these “polarities” are established furnish only two – albeit the most important – of nine planetary positions, to say nothing of the influence of the “rising sign” and the other factors which comprise the “horoscope”.
Dr. Shanker Adawal

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