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Know about Saturn's zodiac change and its effects on the basis of 'ASHTAKVARGA' rules!

The Saturn transit is an important event in Hindu Vedic Astrology. Transit in sign Capricorn on 24th January 2020 has come after 30 years which is being seen for the good in all esteem. Saturn duration in one RASHI is two and half years which is being called ‘DHAIYA’. This time Saturn’s ‘DHAIYA’ is being seen to be on ‘for the good’ overall.

Saturn’s transit connection with zodiac signs is important and tells the impact where if we use ‘ASHTAKVARGA’ Rules, we have to see the its influence through i) Saturn’s current position in the horoscope, ii) Saturn’s transit ‘DASHA’ through Moon, iii) Transit influence through native’s ‘LAGNA’ chart as well as its transit through its own move.

Let us see the Saturn's impact on different zodiac signs.

  1. Saturn in the tenth house will promote growth and justice in livelihood.
  2. It will help getting recover in case of any health issue related to the spine.
  3. DASHA is beneficial to those who have genuine issues related to their own property dispute.
  4. Increase in employment to those who are struggling and unemployed.
  5. It is going to benefit you from every point of view including benefits in father’s health.
  6. On the contrary, there may be loss to those who have ill intentions and did something wrong to others or grabbed a house or things from someone.

  1. Taurus native may feel LUCKY during this DASHA.
  2. Livelihood and employment for Taurians.
  3. They may visit religious places and enter into some positive mindset. All the evils and depressions inside you will go.
  4. The sleepiness will end; you may feel more energetic.
  5. You will be stronger physically and mentally.

  1. Possibilities of some difficulties or troubles if you are in some research field.
  2. Best time for those who are into psychology, weather student or in teaching.
  3. Best time for writers and poets.
  4. There is a need to focus on health. Possibility of some injury to bones.
  5. Good time for learning.

  1. Saturn transit in 7th house.
  2. You will get some good news from your spouse.
  3. Issues in marital or love life, will end soon. You are going to enter into a good life.
  4. If you are a law student or are connected to the court in any way then this is a special occasion for you.
  5. Marriage can be arranged. Livelihood can progress in employment.
  6. There will be little fear of getting hurt. Apart from this, physical condition will be fine.

  1. Whatever was disturbing you, will going to end in this period.
  2. Opponents will be defeated.
  3. Learning time, you will learn a lot.
  4. Health issues will end.
  5. Benefit will come from the maternal side.
  6. The elders will be blessed.


  1. A great time for students, writers, astrologers and for those who are in technical fields.
  2. Whatever you want to do in the field of knowledge, Shanidev has opened the way.
  3. Take advantage of physical fitness
  4. Amazing decision making ability will come.
  5. A boon for people suffering from depression.
  6. The problem related to the child is also going to end.

  1. Mother health will improve.
  2. There will be purchase of land, house or vehicle.
  3. Generally, we know Saturn in 4th house gives depression, discord but Saturn in his own house will be benefiting.
  4. It will increase physical comforts. Native will progress in life.
  5. There may be some celebration at home.
  6. There will relieve in heart disease, some improvement in BP issues.
  7. And good for the people who are connected with construction sector.

  1. You will be more lively with best energy, good time for new ventures.
  2. Good time for jobs etc. will get new contracts
  3. You will meet new people for the good, will rise in this period.
  4. Medical issues related to nose, ear, throat and arms will be cured. Time is good in all sense.

  1. Excellent time, all hurdles will be over.
  2. Continuous upward progress.
  3. Increase in liquid funds and family happiness.
  4. Time to get new contracts etc.
  5. Whatever you lost in two and a half years, will get all or double.

  1. Energy deficit is over. Kindness will increase, will shine like shining stars.
  2. Will get good employment.
  3. Physical fitness will be available. There will be good luck in life.
  4. Time is good from every point of view.
  5. Some expenses will increase, but all this expenditure will be in auspicious events.

  1. Lagnesh is DWADESH BHAVA but SWAGRAHI. So, not to worry as Saturn will not give you any ill effect being SWAGRAHI.
  2. There will be contact with foreign countries. New relationships will be formed.
  3. Will progress in life.
  4. Those whose partnership was deteriorating will improve.
  5. Time is good from every point of view.

  1. Tenth BHAVA VRIHASPATI will give good results.
  2. Saturn of the eleventh house are giving excellent benefits.
  3. A progressive life, increase of profit with better health.
  4. Good business with new opportunities.
  5. Good love life.

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