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What is the reason that Astrology still exists?


Generally, people ask that why Astrology still exists? Many of us wondered that It's an ancient technique and still in practice. Why many of us take this science seriously. In my opinion, anyone who is able to study astrological systems should find if they are able to view it with scientific objectivity, is that confirmation bias, like the palliative effects or can go both ways. 

It is easy to be misled by the vague generalizations of astrological interpretation. But this does not mean that there is nothing at all of value there. On the other way opposing, divination technique such as Astrology, Tarot, Numerology are among the most perceptive intuitive methods which tells about you, your past and future. We believe in this statement, “Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity”.

After reading hundreds of horoscopes while understanding their Natives, I can say with confidence that anyone who thinks that astrology is nothing but scientific illiteracy and a scam, does not really know very much about it. I agree that there is a tremendous amount of illiteracy and fraud out there, especially in the psychic-horoscope market. But misuse of popular resources has often been seen where there is no argument against it.

Studying at the Horoscopes of a family, the number of improbable coincidences and meta-coincidences among the Natal-Charts of the family members have never failed to blow me away. Every horoscope tells a story where every family is like a kind of geometric ensemble of stories and themes.

Astrology (occult science) still exists because neither Science nor Religion offers a widespread philosophy of identity and History which respects the particular qualities that actually matter in such reflections. It provides a language to talk about esoteric themes within personal and social experience, as well as a compelling framework with which to study historical events.

The blunder that people make is to adopt that the purpose of astrology is prediction. While astrology can indeed be of some prognostic value, it would be a mistake, in my view, to try to use it that way intentionally. Astrology doesn't predict events; it maps the coincidence of psychological themes to the coincidence of planetary configurations.

Applying those coincidences can invite delusional projection of patterns, but when studied it with maturity, they can also be used to cut through mental clutter and pick up on deeper, more intuitive sensitivity to the flow of our personal lives.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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