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Does the Retrograde Jupiter in the Horoscope give illusory and ill effects?

No, it doesn’t work that way. Retro-Jupiter means to be close to you and give the results of two expressions which means sluggishness.  Jupiter is a slow planet. Generally, the effects Retro-Jupiter lasts in any horoscope at least for one year where it takes 12 years to travel the entire zodiac. Therefore, whenever the Guru (Jupiter) becomes transit, the welfare associated with native, starts getting delayed.

Similarly, in any horoscope where Jupiter in retrograde. It delays the benefits which are already destined by other best planetary combinations or through the good ‘karma’. There is a saying ‘better late than never’, the same way ‘Guru Maharaj’ (Jupiter) delays the fruits but never disappoints the native.

It is seen that retro-Jupiter is the master of the 7th place, it delays the marriage, but at the end it gives best life partner. Like this, Vakri-Guru (Retro-Jupiter) surely provide success by delaying in job or business etc…

According to Hindu Vedic Astrology, Retro-Jupiter sitting in the 5th place is considered unprovable. There are mainly two reasons behind this. The first reason is "Karko Bhav Nashay" whereas the second is, in such a situation the inauspicious effect takes place at the 5th place, that way even the Jupiter will not remain untouched.

Planet Jupiter (Guru) is considered to be the most auspicious in every sense. Its effects destroy thousands of ominous yogas in any horoscope. For the good, one must respect of their Parent, teachers and Gurus.

Another way, the planet Jupiter is good in any situation, it always gives blessings where in three houses are tremendously favorable if conjunction with planet Sun, Moon and Mars.

There is one more situation when we talk about Retrograde-Jupiter, if it becomes a SIN planet, then nothing good happens to the NATIVE, even it gets worse than Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu. No good planetary combinations can reduce its effect. Jupiter is a slow planet like Saturn. These two planets start important events and plays a vital role in any horoscope (person’s life).

There is another special rule of the Retro-Jupiter, if the auspicious planet is retrograde then it gives three times more favorable results than its nature and if the SIN planet is retrograde then it gives bad results which are three times more.

Jupiter does not give bad results easily, but it seems to be being slow. A little obsolescence can give greater impact on planet Jupiter being its slow in nature. It can disturb NATIVE in many things while having a smooth life.

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