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Do you have Raj-Yoga? Your Body tells, Know Marine Science Technique!

Understanding the nature of the person and solving the mystery of a person's future was always a part of ancient Indian. In India, there are many theories and some innovative methods are being used to understand about the person's past and future. To assess the horoscope on the basis of birth details comes under astrology, which is the ancient Indian teachings through Occult Science.

Marine Science, not frequently used these days, but one of the best ancient Indian technique. It is very effective from these ancient methods. Marine Science, under which the person's body language, body texture and physical marks can be evaluated, it can be ascertained the person's future and present. Apart from this, the nature of the person and his character can also be accurately assessed.

Through Marine Science, we not only predict the reality of knowing the person's future, but when research on the marks on a person's body, we can accurately predict that which Raj-yoga will in person's (Jatak) fate.

Acharya Dundhiraj, the creator of the Jatak Bharana script, had said that the lines of hands and feet are quite obvious at the time of the birth of the person whose circumstances are made in the state of Raj-Yoga. If any royal eye (visible mark) of any kind on the right Hand or Leg of men and on the left hand or Leg of any woman, then the life will be exceptionally prosperous.

According to Maharishi Samudra (Seas), who composed the maritime scriptures, if the mark of a curb, coil or chakra in the person's feet, he represents the nation while holding a high position.

As per Jatak-Bharana's Granth (Holy book), A person is the finest of others who is having a sign of an umbrella, fish, a pond, Ankush or a harp on his/her hands or feet.

If the signs of TOMAR, arrow, chariot, chakra or flag are seen in the middle of the palm shows power (Raj-Yog). A person who has had these signs gets a great opportunity to rule.

Also, a person who has a mark of lotus, asana in addition to the wheel in his/her foot, enjoys lifelong pleasure of luxury life along with huge property. As per Hindu belief the goddess Laxmi stays his/her house always.

A person who has had sesame in the middle of the palm becomes wealthy and respectable socially. Apart from this, those who have sesame or a vehicle like mark on the soles of their feet are dominating or rulers.

Marine Science also works like palmistry. So, look your palm and try to locate a line which may spread over the corners of the middle finger is called the fate line. If it is clear and indicated uninterrupted, then such a person receives all kinds of worldly pleasures, achievement of every needs conveniently.

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