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Location and Conjunction in Hindu Vedic Astrology!

Rahu and Ketu strongly show the effect of the Bhavas (houses) they are placed in and of the Bhavas whose lords are conjoined with them. For example, if Rahu is conjoined with Mars, he would also show the effect of Mars. Mars, being lord of two houses, should naturally show the effect of the two houses he owns and so Rahu’s association (in this illustration) would also show the effect of the two houses Mars owns. But controversy is over 'Yadyad Bhava'. Does it mean ‘Yasmin Yasmin Bhave - ‘in the houses in which Rahu is placed or 'yasyayasya Bhave' in whose house Rahu is placed?

One view is: Rahu placed in the 7th should show the effect of the 7th, i.e., the house he is placed in (yasminyasmin Bhave).

The other view attaches importance to: ‘In whose house he is placed’. Thus if with Gemini rising Rahu is in Sagittarius he should show the effect of Jupiter (because in whose –here means Jupiter, who owns Sagittarius) and therefore Rahu should show the effect of not only Sagittarius but of Pisces also (because if Rahu is to show the effect of Jupiter, he must show the effect of both the houses owned by Jupiter).

The above difference rests on the interpretation of the Sanskrit text ‘YadYad’–a very simple phrase yet the practical import of the differences in the two views is of very great magnitude. If Rahu is in the 5th (for Leo Ascendant) will it lead to the 8th house effects also (because Jupiter owns the 5th and the 8th.)? If Ketu is in the 4th (for Virgo Ascendant) will it show the effect of the 7th also(because Jupiter owns the 4th and the 7th both.)?

Friends and Enemies

Practically all authors agree on the point that Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are friends of Rahu and Ketu. Daivagnabharanam says: “Venus, the Moon, and Saturn are his friends.” The Sanskrit text states (Page 5, Sloka 29)” Kewalam Kavichandra Shanesh charah”.

I think, there has been an error in copying the manuscript. It should be "Chandri" and not “Chandra”. Chandra means Mercury and so the friends would be Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. Others are enemies of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are called Tamogra which have shadowy planets but are capable of elevating a native to an exalted position, as any of the other seven Grahas (planets).

“InSloka 8, Adhyaya 16, SarvarthaChintamani states that Rahu is “Yashah Pratishtha Chhatra Karako Rahu”, i.e., he is the significator of fame, respect, and the royal umbrella (token of sovereignty). In fact, Rahu and Ketu, though they together cover 25 years out of a total of 120 years of Maha-dashas, have not received as much attention in Sanskrit texts as they deserve.

In the Vimsottari Dasha scheme, Rahu rules over individuals for 18 years and Ketu for 7 years. Although they are placed at either end of the nodal line this difference is there; for the sum total dasha periods of planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Mars (19 +16 + 18+7) is 60 years; so also the total of dasha periods of planets on the other side of the earth, i.e., the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Ketu and Mercury (10 + 6 + 20 + 7 + 17) is 60 years.

Rahu is of black color (tamovarna) while Ketu is red as the palash flower. Rahu and Ketu have moles and marks on their legs. Rahu gives his effects throughout while Ketu is in the ending portion. Rahu represents the tail, while Ketu is the short person. Rahu governs our paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother, while Ketu is our maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother. Rahu’s eyes are like goat’s eyes while Ketu’s are like ram’s eyes. Rahu and Ketu represent a distance of 20 yojanas (a yojana is roughly 8 miles) and both are nocturnal planets.

Significations (Karakatwa) Cutting, breaking, incisions, punishing, kala-sarpa, outcaste, bold and famous, snake, burial grounds, thieves, splits, widows, factions, breaking of rocks and stones (quarries), holes, depths, anthills (where serpents reside), falling of trees, dreadful diseases, unusual phenomena, fever, epileptic fits, cholera, sudden contradictions (failure of metabolism), wandering, obstinacy, forceful molestations, fallen and company of low people, dwelling in wild forests, raging fierce battle, happy in hoarding of wealth (black- marketing), fraught with difficulties. These are the attitudes of Rahu.

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