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Ear Diseases! What are the Astrologically reasons!

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Hindu Vedic Astrology, this Divine Science has answers for all diseases right from the conception of the native. The body of the native is astrologically divided into twelve houses and most of you know about them. The 11th house stands for left ear and the 3rd house stands for right ear. Depending on the horoscope of the native trouble will be in either or both ears.

A diseased or sickly body is also dependent on the horoscope of the native and one of the factors is weak Lagna and Lagna Lord. Every planet has something to do with a particular disease. What is disease? You are diseased when you are not at ease concerning any part of the body. Ear trouble and dental trouble are the most common irritants' for the native.

Ear, nose, and throat go together and even in some cases it has been seen that ear trouble alone is capable of harming brain nerves as all of them are connected inter-se and that is the reason we have separate ENT specialists. Placement of malefic i.e. Mandi, Mars, Rahu, Saturn, Ketu, and afflicted Mercury becomes responsible for ear trouble especially when placed in the 3rd/11th house. The Sun also becomes troublesome for ear trouble depending on the strength, aspects of the Sun, and conjunction/association of other planets with the Sun.

Now, we have the following principles about ear trouble:

1)      If Saturn is in the 3rd house with Mandi and has no benefic aspect, the native has nervous trouble in the ear.

2)      If the Lord of the 3rd house is under malefic influence, the trouble to the ear is also indicated. Navamsha may also be seen.

3)      Hearing power is governed by the ears. If there is a benefit in the 3rd house and has the aspect/conjunction of benefic, the native hears sermons on religious and spiritual matters, etc. on the other hand if the malefic planet is in a malefic sign the hearing is under variable type including destruction of the hearing power.

4)      Even according to Phala-deepika, the trouble to the ear should be considered from the 3rd and 11th houses. If malefic influences the 3rd/11th house, there will be trouble to the ear.

5)   For a Virgo Lagna, Saturn becomes the Lord of 5th and 6th- the horoscope is the moon in Sagittarius, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus in the 9th (trine-well placed) Rahu in 6th, Saturn in 9th house and Ketu in the 12th house. Here despite well-placed planets in the 9th, Saturn (significator of diseases and lord of 6th) aspects the 11th house and 3rd house, 11th lord the Moon is aspected by Mars, all these factors resulted in the operation of the ear twice.

Before processing further, it would be apt to divide the Ear in three parts so far as diseases are concerned. The parts are external, middle, and internal. So far diseases of the external, middle, and internal. So far diseases of the external not are concerned, the treatment can be given on the face of it. Any irritation and inflammation in the middle of the year can ultimately lead to deafness for which the astrology has some combinations. Deafness is a major disease but comes under the ear disease. Apart from the 3rd house (right ear) and the 11th house (left ear) other houses namely 9th, 8th, 6th, 5th, and 12th also come into the picture when the planets therein aspect either 3rd or 11th. Some astrologers attribute ear disease to signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces but that may not be true as such unless the totality of the malefic influence is traced to the 3rd/11th house, their lords, aspects on them and the Dasha under which the native is going.


Internal ear disease is the most difficult to diagnose and diagnosis becomes more difficult with the involvement of Rahu. Under medical astrology, the internal part contains a Cochlear nerve which carries the sound and speech. Any injury to this part can cause Cochlear nerves which carry the sound-sensation to the brain thus causing trouble in sound and speech. Any injury to this part can cause deafness permanently. The other medical term is Mastoid bone and when it becomes diseased, surgical intervention becomes necessary.

The following principles may be kept in mind when surgical intervention may become necessary:

1)      When Moon, Mars, and Mercury join together either in 3rd or in 11th and Ketu is in 7th from them, Mastoiditis occurs and surgical intervention becomes necessary.

2)      When Mercury is with the Sun (in close degrees i.e. in Combest position) in the 3rd or 11th and if Mars or Saturn are placed in 7th from them, diseases of the internal part occur and medical surgery becomes inevitable.

3)      For Gemini or Virgo Lagna, if Mars and Sun combine in the 3rd, 11th, 6th, 9th, or 12th, the internal part of the ear becomes diseased. Sun is important for diseases of bones and when the Sun is placed in the 7th from the afflicted house, the surgeon's knife comes into place.

However, I caution my all astrologer colleagues that the above combination may show improvement by the aspect or other involvement of Jupiter and the disease may not come or may pass off with little discomfort. Hence the need to make well-guarded predictions after taking into consideration the totality of the horoscope.

I would also now give some more combinations for middle ear discussion:

1)      If the Moon and Mercury combine with Mars or Saturn in the 3rd or 11th houses, middle ear disease may be predicted for the relevant ear. The benefic aspects of this combination may make the disease as mild or temporary.

2)      Even a simple combination of the Moon and Mercury in the 3rd or 11th house especially when these belong to Mercury i.e. Gemini or Virgo, there may be eatery discharge from the year but no pain.

3)      When Mars and the Moon combine in the 3rd, 11th 5th, 9th, 6th, or 12th house, there will be middle ear disease and severe pains as Mars causes inflammation and rupture of tissues or ear drum.

4)      When the Moon and Mercury combine Aries or Scorpio (3rd or 11th house) pain and pus formation is indicated in the corresponding ear.

5)      When Mars and Mercury combine in the 3rd or 11th house either from Lagna or Chandra Lagna. Middle ear disease is indicated.

6)      Mars and Saturn in Gemini/Virgo Lagna can cause middle-ear diseases and the same results are indicated even from Chandra Lagna.

From the above, it is now clear that Mercury and its signs Gemini and Virgo have a major role to play in ear diseases.

Dr. A. Shanker,

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