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Know about your Money Cycle - A technique?

Image result for my moneyMonetary forecast - A small predictive technique to know (through Horoscope) that how much money one would earn!
Money is the tenth planet in the modern world. The very first question one asks today is as to when and from what source he would have some flow of wealth. Therefore, let us focus in the Hindu predictive astrology on the financial prospects of an individual intimately connected with conditions relating to gains, profits, wealth and other acquisitions which figure prominently in the lives of average persons.

Generally speaking, there are three houses that have something vitally to do with questions of wealth, money, earn incomes, unearned incomes. These houses are the 2nd, 9th and the 11th. The 2nd is the house, connected with wealth (Dhana). The 9th house indicates prosperity (Bhagya) and the 11th has special reference to gains and returns.
Test for how much money one would earn.

There is a special test also to measure the degree of wealth.30, 16, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 1 are the rays of planets from Sun onwards in order. Add the number of rays of the lords of 9th from Lagna and Moon and divide the sum by 12 and find the remainder and count so many signs from Moon (Rāśi).

That sign becomes the wealth indicator. In classical language it is known as “Indu-Lagna”. The planet, occupying or aspecting this Indu-Lagna or the lord of this sign confers wealth during their periods commensurate with their strengths.

One text discriminates the quantum of wealth as follows:

If a powerful Benefic is present or aspects Indu-Lagna he earns in millions.
A combination of a powerful Benefic and Malefic gives- Lakhs. If a powerful Malefic joins or aspects - Lakhs.

Conjunction of weak Benefic - Thousands.
Conjunction of weak Malefic - Hundreds.

To common sense this does not appear to be logical. Let the reader test the veracity of this theory. To me another theory seems to be more rational.

These are the figures at their highest exaltation points and Zero at lowest depression point. The intermediary positions have to be worked out by proportion. Additive and subtractive qualifications of the planets based on their shadbala strength should be reckoned. These values of planets are to be changed with changing value of money in present days.

Even ignoring the above two measures it is always true that if the planet in question is very powerful, it confers a proportionately high degree of effects during its Dasa.

Note: 9th house connotes one’s final wealth. Likewise, 2nd and 4th represents paternal wealth, professional income (salary) from 10th and easy money from 11th.

For example, take the lords of 10th from Lagna and Moon. He is Budha in each case. The total rays are 8+8 = 16 i.e. 4th Rāśi from Kanya (Moon Rāśi) which is Dhanus. This may be called the Indu-Lagna of tenth Bhava. There is Retrograde Kuja. As per the above theory Mars is Shathakaraka (Hundreds). Being retrograde he gives 3 times hundred i.e. Rs.300 at his highest exaltation point viz 28 deg of Capricorn. Mars is at 26 deg of Dhanus-about 30 deg before that point his power is reduced by (30 divided by 180) x (300 divided by 1) = Rs. 50. So his net pay is Rs. 250 only. Actually his highest pay in his service is Rs. 250.

Likewise, if you want to measure the degree of effect of the 2nd Bhava consider the lords of the second house from Lagna and Moon; if of 4th, lords of the Fourth; if 11th, lord of Eleventh and so on. This shows how important are the points of Lagna and Moon-One is Jeeva (life-soul) hile the other is Deha (Body). Any effect to be of full use should be enjoyed both by the superficial earthy body for enjoyments coupled with blissful happiness felt by Antharathma. Then only it should be in a real good effect.

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