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Lost A Lover – How Sun Signs Help Get Over The Trauma

At times, it happens that people who have a very strong and meaningful love relationship abruptly face a break up. A partner suddenly moves out of the picture with/without valid reasons. In such cases, a person is left with no other option to accept the hard core reality that he/she is left alone.

So, if you are also a heart-broken, you should be aware of the astrological sun signs that play an important role in bringing you out of this trauma. Let us see how your sun sign rules your love life after you have faced a break-up!

ARIES: If you are born under this sun-sign then it is probable that you will come out of this dilemma soon. You are a person who is ruled by the planet Mars and that is why you have got abundance of energy. This energy will assist you to be courageous enough to face the situation. Do not spend time thinking about “ifs” and “buts” about the past!

TAURUS: This is a sort of ‘fixed’ sign and if you are born under it then it is not possible to change something that will imbalance the status quo of your life. So, you need to put in extra efforts to come out of a situation like this. You need to accept that the situations are changed and may be for your good only. You should made adjustments.

GEMINI: Being a Gemini, your thoughts are scattered whenever it is time to take a decision for yourself. In such a case, however, you need to settle on a proper optimistic attitude to bring life back to track. The scattered thoughts will not lead you anywhere and will keep you confused about your future steps. You should not consult everybody but pour your heart out to those few whom you trust the most. They can give you sensible advice.

CANCER: A Cancerian is always a family-oriented person who is very much sensitive and insecure! So if your partner leaves you, you will get hurt a lot and it will not be an easy task for you. But there is not other option for you than to accept the facts. Better would be that you control your emotions and come out of it and live your life to the fullest.

LEO: Born as a Leo, you are sensitive to the issues of the heart. You always desire to be loved to and give your love to somebody. So, you will have to make hard efforts to come out of the break-up. Only then you will be able to live a satisfying life and enjoy it!

VIRGO: You are a practical individual and Virgos are not over sensitive. You can come over this type of dilemma much easily. And it is probable that you will use this loss to a reasonable perspective.

LIBRA: People born under this sign are partner-oriented and hence it is very tough to accept when your partner leaves unexpectedly. You could be left adrift for some time. The best solution for you is to find a new partner whenever it is acceptable.

SCORPIO: Scorpions can play it cool when it comes to a break-up. Although, they are very much resistant to change due to the water sign but when they are hurt where it hurts the most, they have that inner strength and will power to face it. In due time, they come over all negatives and bring life on track!

SAGITTARIUS: You can make adjustments much easily when a partnership comes to an end. You possess the inherent ability of being aloof from the reality. You prepare yourself to accept the real truth and till then remain detached from it.

CAPRICORN: You are the best amongst all to cope up with this situation. Of course you do care but you are mentally strong enough to accept any harsh reality without much turbulence.

AQUARIUS: For Aquarians, it is almost unpredictable. How you would react to such a situation is not accurately known by you even. You can react to it in a normal way, ignore it, or even react in a hyper manner. You will grudge more for the loss of an intimate relationship than a liaison.

PISCES: For you, such a loss of a partner could be extremely traumatic. You need to gain strength and sensible control of yourself. Otherwise it could be harmful for you!

Many a times, one has to say bye to someone really close! The best way to come out of it is to accept the reality and live on! Only you can help yourself in such cases!
All the best.

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