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General Predictive Trends of Sun-sign Capricorn in Year 2019!

Capricorn (Makar)
22 December – 19 January

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Goat; 10th sign; Rules 10th House; Governs Knees and Skin. Water abounding forest; Latter half watery animals; First half quadruped; Pristodaya; Movable; Even; Dwāra Rāśi; Mineral; Soft female, South; Mixed colors; Lifeless river; Knees; Night; Crocodile; Vaisya;  Prithvi-Tatwa (पृथ्वी-तत्वा).
Ruling Planet
Simple food, Antiques, History, Responsibility, Not being pressured, Unconditional love, Privacy, Elitism, Family, Reliability, Professionalism, Knowing what you discuss, Firm Foundations, 
Untidiness, Disorder, Being teased, Familiarity, Surprises, New ideas & paths, Loneliness, Being useless, Public embarrassment, Wild Schemes, Fantasies, Ignominy, Ridicule
Benefic Planets
Neutral Planets
Malefic Planets
Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Mārak Planets
Mars, Jupiter
Responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful, loyal
Dictatorial, inhibited, conceited, distrusting, unimaginative

General trends of Sun-Sign Capricorn in year 2019
  • Jupiter in Scorpio, transits in 11th house, will excellent results.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius from March 29th, transits in 12th house, will give moderate results.
  • Jupiter in Scorpio from April 23rd, transits in 11th house, will give very good results.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 5th, and will remain there for rest of the year,transits in 12th house, will give moderate results.
  • Initially Saturn in Sagittarius from the beginning of the year and will remain there for the rest of the year, transits in 12th house, will give bad results.
  • Rāhu (राहु) in Cancer from the beginning of the year, transits in 7th house, will give moderate results.
  • Kétū (केतु) in Capricorn from the beginning of the year, transits in 1st house, will give moderate results.
  • Rāhu (राहु) in Gemini from March 23rd and will remain there for the rest of the year, transits in 6th house, will give good results.
  • Kétū (केतु) in Sagittarius from March 23rd and will remain in Sagittarius for rest of the year, transits in 12th house, will give moderate results.

Jupiter transits in 11th house, it also aspects the 3rd, 5th and 7th house. While Jupiter is in Scorpio, native (jātaka) will expand through ways of reserved, strong, intense and desired life. Native’s (jātaka) feelings are deep and sympathies widely. You may feel the need for progress with strong emotions.

If Afflicted: you have the risk of over strong feelings of all kind, pushing yourself to depression, aggressive behavior all the time during this period.

You may prosper during this transits, also get benefits from your eldest sibling. You have nonstop energy to accomplish daily tasks and errands. Your name and fame will spread, you will command honor, respect from Government too. You will do charitable acts too. You will gain through your knowledge money comes to you from many sources. Gold jewels and new clothing will be added to you. There is opportunity for marriage or a significant love relationship.

Finally, you will have fulfilled with all the desires. You may have pregnancy or childbirth, favorable relationships with children. You may also receive gifts or benefits from children. Investments and speculations bring rewards and you are of a happy, exuberant mind. You will be creative, imaginative, and original. You may also get chances of foreign travel and may also gain through it.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects: Best period for friendships, especially for establishing with good connections of important, influential people, those who belongs to ministries, legal profession or Foreign Services. There are better chances for the realization of one’s hopes and wishes than under any influence. If Afflicted, brings extravagances and profligacy with and through friends, and some waste or heavy expenses through them.

Jupiter transits in 12th, it also aspects in 4th, 6th and 8th houses. While Jupiter is in Sagittarius, native’s (jātaka) character excellence towards the desire to expand self, though being in freedom of love for self/others, through generosity and through dignity without pomposity. Your outlook is optimistic and there will be abundant enthusiasm both extremely positive traits unless they are overexpressed and become blind optimism.

If afflicted, there will be exaggeration of your licentious behavior and independence at any price will not help you being focus towards your goals. Also, an excess of emotion, unwise speculations and extravagances along with gambling, wastage of money in a foolish manner can be seen during this period.

There strong possibilities of obtaining land or moving to a new home. It also indicates luck and benefits from mother. Educational degrees will play a big roll and favor your career, you may get jewelry, all luxury comforts like a new car, costly gadgets etc. You will not be bothered by enemies or competitors; health will be good. You will enjoy your daily routine work and gets along well with your superiors. You may get money from partners, wills, legacies and other unearned means till now. You may visit astrologers, palm readers and spiritualists or you may engage yourself in occult studies. You get bargains and incur neither unexpected debts nor expenses. Finally, you will enjoy sexual pleasures and sleeps on luxurious beds. Finally, you will enjoy sexual pleasures and sleeps on luxurious beds.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects: This is not infrequently but will bring triumph over one’s enemies or those who have been in some way, working indirectly against the native.

If Afflicted: The motto “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall not never be disappointed” is the best for those who have an afflicted Jupiter passing through this house. But when there are no afflictions, really big things may come unsought and unasked, also unlooked for. There will be a bad ending to matters incase native had expected everything to be in favor.

Saturn transits in 12th house,it also aspects 2nd, 6th and 9th houses. While Saturn is in Sagittarius, Native (jātaka) freedom of thoughts and actions will be achieved through long studies, if native is already into some research work. Gravity and dignity will increase with age. Here planet Saturn intensifies its concentration and encourages the desire to further studies, so that the intellectual potential is fully developed. You may feel strong sense of determination and willpower, you may feel compelled to follow your own instincts, desires at this time. You may produce creations which are extraordinary.

If Afflicted: The freedom of mind and action stultified, resulting in resentment.You will face restriction in the practical matters of wealth and daily work. There may also be hardships involving health, education, servants, employers, or employees. You may have difficulty in gaining higher knowledge, problems with gurus or religious teachers, and restricted luck in general. There are problems with the left eye and large unexpected debts and expenses or both. It also means problems or frustrations in activities involving remote foreign countries. It could bring sexual dysfunction or lack of sexual pleasure. This is the optimum time for clearing up psychological problems and all kinds of deep emotional obsessions, complexes or phobias can be seen from the childhood. Mystical, spiritual, and occult studies are favored at this time, and much progress can be made in these areas. You may find yourself wishing to do healing work or service-oriented endeavors.

Saturn’s Positive Aspects: This frequently brings a period of turning back and reviewing past life. A checking up, as it were, consideration of making one’s will and putting one’s house in order. Everything will take on some more serious aspects. So, the mind will be more reflective and poised.

If Afflicted: Sad experiences will come to you, while Saturn is in this house, such as confinement either through misunderstandings or misbehaviors. Sometime, it is solitary confinement, either by being shut off in a lonesome part of the country or by deceit, it may be merely a mental condition which brings loneliness to the soul. To those who are so inclined there will be melancholia, insomnia, dyspepsia or all sort of ailments due to nervous depression.

Rāhu (राहु) transits in 7th house, indicates intense cravings for love relationships as well as significant ups and downs in married life. Minor issues which need to be addressed are constantly arising (to be dealt with). The spouse may become worldly materialistic, powerful and manipulative or domineering. You will lose your self-respect. Your reputation falls down. Native will humiliated often. You become enemy to others due to your nature being argumentative and suffer many ordeals and difficulties as a consequence. Your relatives and friends leave you during this period. Your wife’s health worsens.

Kétū (केतु)transits in 1st house indicates a spiritual, ascetic and psychic personality. However, confidence is weakened and you may be shy, impish or rather invisible.

Rāhu(राहु) transits in 6th house indicates extreme good health and a powerful appetite. Native (jātaka) defeats his enemies and competitors with ease. Therefore, you may reach the top of his chosen field with little interference or resistance. You get relieved of all difficulties and feels free and comfortable. In addition to own income, you will get money from your opponents also. If already suffering with ail health, you will be cured fully, also regain sound health. You get acquaintance of a lady speaking other than the same language. Your earning capacity will improve. You will command respect and honor at your own place. You will gain from your maternal uncle. Kétū (केतु) in 12th is good for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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