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Adversities of life from Trimsamsa.

Ordinary good and bad aspects of life from Khavedamsa. (xv) All other aspects of life from Aksha-vedamsa and Shashtamsa. Maharshi Parasara has furnished the following additional information for our guidance: –

i.              Planets have full powers in exaltation, moolatrikona and own signs: and they are powerless in debilitation with proportionate effect in other positions.

ii.             The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are effective in odd Sun-Hora; the Moon, Venus and Saturn are effective in even Moon-Hora but Mercury is effective in both, i.e., Moon-Hora effects in even signs; Sun-Hora effects in odd signs.

iii.            A planet in opposition to the Sun gives full effect and is powerless in conjunction with the Sun with proportionate effect in other cases.

iv.           Planets give full effect in the middle portion of the vargas. The effect develops from the beginning of the varga, rises to its maximum at the middle, then decreases and becomes powerless at the end, like the start.

v.            In Trimsamsavarga, effects of Mars can be taken as those of the Sun and the Venusian effects can be taken as those of the Moon.

vi.           Planets in benefic Shashtamsa bestow good effects while bad effect comes out of a planet occupying malefic Shashtamsa.

vii.          The rising and setting of planets give a modifying good or bad touch to the above-mentioned effects.

viii.         Good vargas for a planet are his three powerful signs and vargas of angular lords from the tenancy sign of the planet.

ix.           Bad vargas for a planet or his angular lords are combustion, fall, debilitation, defeat in planetary fight or bad avasthas like mrita, sayana and vriddha.Maharshi Parasara has indicated the following effects for lords of different houses attaining more than one of own varga powers:–

1.  Angular (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) lords make one charitable in Parijata; extremely charitable in Uttama; manly in Gopura; honourable in Simhasana; courageous in Paravata; leader in assembly in Devaloka; Muni or Rishi in Brahmaloka and always happy in Satruvahana or Airavata. As no planet attains Sreedhamavarga in Kali Yuga, the effect has not been mentioned.

2.  The 5th lord brings learning according to caste in Parijata; best learning in Uttama; world fame for learning in Gopura; learning with ministership in Simhasana; knowledge of Brahma in Paravata; Karma Yoga in Devaloka; always prayer in Brahmaloka and expression of extreme devotion or bhakti in Airavata.

3.  The 9th lord gives love of pilgrimage in Parijata; constant pilgrimage in Uttama; participation in Yagna in Gopura; bravery and truthfulness with passions under control inSimhasana; Paramahamsa status in Paravata; dandi-sannyasi-hood in Devaloka; position second only to Indra by performing AswamedhaYaga in Brahmaloka and supremely religious outlook like Ramachandra and Yudhishthira in Airavata.

4.  Lords of the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th and 12th houses, singly or in combination, on attaining Parijata, give suffering during tenancy of the 1st house; best of men in the 2nd house; helper of a number of people in the 3rd house; landed property or ownership of villages in the 4th house; Guru in the 5th house; Brahmanic occupation in the 6th house; destruction of enemies and honour of gods in the 7th house and power of an arbiter of life and death of many mortals and animals in the 8th house.

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