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What are the Rajayoga Characteristics in Hindu Vedic Astrology!

  1. Jupiter in the ascendant, Moon in the seventh and Venus in the tenth bhava, which should be his own house bestow Raja yoga on a woman though low born.
  2. While malefics are posited in the ascendant, benefics should be distributed in the fourth, seventh and tenth bhavas. The seventh should be a male (Odd) rasi. (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius). Born under this yoga the woman becomes a queen, fabulously rich and extremely happy, vanquishing her enemies.
  3. Jupiter of good shadbala strength fully aspected by Moon occupying a kendra confers Rajayoga on a woman. This woman will become the consort of a king and immensely rich. The place of her residence will be the resort of spirited tuskers.
  4. The Moon in the eleventh bhava, and Venus and Mercury in the seventh duly aspected by Jupiter bless the woman with Rajayoga. Such a woman will be honoured by the learned and praised by the populace.
  5. When Mercury is at his most exalted degree in Virgo and Jupiter is posited in the eleventh bhava (Cancer), a woman born in Kanya Lagna becomes the consort of a famous king.
  6. When kendras are devoid of malefics and Moon occupies the seventh bhava falling in Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius or Gemini the woman born becomes a queen with elephants and horses vanquishing her enemies. She will be dutiful towards her husband.
  7. Venus in the ascendant, Mercury in the third bhava and Jupiter of good shadbala strength in the fourth make the woman extremely rich with horses and horse-drawn vehicles and duly honoured by kings.
  8. Three planets of good shadbala strength in a woman’s horoscope make the native a queen. Four planets of similar strength make her an empress. With five, six or seven planets of high shadbala strength the woman becomes the consort of the lord of the three worlds enjoying pleasure trips in planes in the company of gods.
  9. The woman in whose horoscope the Full Moon is posited in the most exalted degree in the fourth bhava and is fully aspected by Jupiter enjoys a queenly life with sons and grandsons. Her enemies will never have an upper hand and she will shine with godly lustre.
  10. Mercury occupying his own house in fourth bhava and Jupiter of shadbala strength fully aspected by Venus and posited in a favourable sign make the native a great queen.
  11. 11. Jupiter in the ascendant which should fall in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, Saturn of good shadbala strength in the eleventh bhava and Mars in the third or sixth bhava confer queendom on a woman.
  12. The Sun in his most exalted degree in the eleventh bhava, a strong Moon in lagna and Mercury in the tenth bestow on the woman a queenly life, always in the company of her husband, sons and grandchildren. (In this yoga, when the exalted Sun occupies the eleventh bhava (Aries) Moon in lagna (Gemini) can never be a Full Moon. Only a Moon of good strength is meant here and not a Full Moon).
  13. The Sun of good shadbala strength in the third bhava, and Saturn of similar strength in the sixth bhava make the woman the consort of a king. She will be a dutiful wife of a highly charitable disposition.
  14. When Mercury of good shadbala strength occupies or fully aspects the ascendant falling in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, any one of the other planets posited in its exalted sign produces Rajayoga. Such a woman enjoys a queenly life owning horses and elephants.
  15. A woman born in Kanya Lagna becomes an empress when Mercury is posited there in his most exalted degree, Jupiter in the eleventh bhava (Cancer), Venus in the second (Libra) and Moon in the tenth bhava (Gemini).

    Dr. Shanker Adawal
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