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General Predictive Trends of Sun-sign Virgo in Year 2019!

Virgo (
23 August – 22 September

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Virgin; 6th sign; Rules 6th house; Governs bowels;Town land full of water and corn, first: half biped, Śhirodāya; Common; Even, Gārbhaand Human Rāśi; Soft female; South; Variegated; Colors; Waist; Day; Maiden; Vaisya; Prithvi-Tatwa (पृथ्वी-तत्वा).

The Virgin.
Mutable, Feminine
Lists, Hygiene,  Order, Detail, Precision,Wholesomeness,Healtfoods anperfection (even in minutiae)
Squalor, Uncertainty, Health hazards, Sloppy workers and anything deemed to be sordid
Sun, Saturn
Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Mārka Planets
Mars, Venus, Moon, Jupiter
Analytical, Observant, Helpful, Reliable, Precise, Intelligent, meticulous, quick witted, fond of sex and opposite sex, Modest, Precise, Discriminating, agree able person, Good Memory, music and fine arts lover, Methodical, loves peace and order, diplomatic, kind and truthful.
Skeptical, Fussy, Inflexible, Cold, Interfering, Fussy, Lacks self-confidence, Vindictive, Selfish, not practical, hypercritical, eccentric, dogmatic, untidy, prudish, undemonstrative, nervous and worried.

General trends of Sun-Sign Virgo in year 2019
1.   Jupiter in Scorpio, March 29th,transits in 3rd and 4th house, will give average moderate results to the native (jātaka).
2.      Jupiter in Scorpio, April 23rd, transits 3rd house, will give just moderate results.
3.     Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 5th and will remain there for rest of the year,transits in 4th house, will give moderate results.
4.    Saturn in Sagittarius from beginning of the year and will remain there for rest of the year, transits 4th house, will give bad results.
5.   Rāhu (राहु) in Cancer from beginning of the year, transits 11th eleventh house, will give good results.
6.  Kétū (केतु) in Capricorn from beginning of the year, transits in 5th house, will give moderate results.
7. Rāhu (राहु) in Gemini from March 23rd and will remain in Gemini for rest of the year, transits in 10th house, will give good results.
8.   Kétū (केतु) in Sagittarius from March 23rd and will remain there for rest of the year, transits in 4th house, will give moderate results.

Jupiter transits in 3rd house,it also aspects the 7th, 9th and 11th houses. While Jupiter is in Scorpio, native (jātaka) will expand through ways of reserved, strong, intense and desired life. Native’s (jātaka) feelings are deep and sympathies widely. You may feel the need for progress with strong emotions.

If afflicted, here too you have the risk of dominating by strong random emotional pressure of any kind related with your life surroundings which pushing you to either in depression or towards violence.

There is a possibilities of marriage/love relationship in case of marriageable age. A period of good luck, long-distance travel and favorable experiences and enhance of good knowledge, indications are there that you may contact in religious teachers or institutions of higher learning. You may be benefited by positive group activity and good rapport in friends, relatives/society. It also indicates benefits from the eldest sibling and financial gains from “side ventures” other than one’s daily means of support. You are very energetic and active within your immediate surroundings. You may enjoy the company of brothers and sisters, or receive benefits, blessings, and advantages from them. You will be constantly making short journeys within your neighborhood. You may interact more with friends, neighbors and relatives than usual. You may enjoy variety of “life” for approximately one year.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects: Excellent time for you to seek promotion, increase in salary if employed. There will be favorable outcome for any journey undertaken.

IF Afflicted-Care should be taken to avoid being aggressive or too expansive, thereby causing offence. It could mean the loss of a position, or a break with relatives.

Jupiter transits in 4th house,it also aspects the 8th, 10th, and 12th houses. While Jupiter is in Sagittarius, native’s (jātaka) character excellence towards the desire to expand self, though being in freedom of love for self/others, through generosity and through dignity without pomposity. Your outlook is optimistic and there will be abundant enthusiasm both extremely positive traits unless they are over expressed and become blind optimism.

If afflicted, there will be exaggeration of your licentious behavior and independence at any price will not help you being focus towards your goals. Also, an excess of emotion, unwise speculations and extravagances along with gambling, wastage of money in a foolish manner can be seen during this period.
You will be interested in studying occult science, metaphysical studies, this helps growth in spiritualism. You may get good results from ancestral wills, legacies, joint finances, and money from “unearned” means like lotteries, insurance etc. You will have career success and expansion of one’s influence in the professional sphere. You will be happy and content from your wellbeing, you may successfully be obtaining cars, homes, ornaments, educational degrees.

Jupiter’s Positive Aspects:Jupiter’s patterns are always shows progress in the fourth, it brings better home conditions, a greater expansions of existing home in some way, and an abundance of everything. This is the time when one must seek to settle permanently into congenial surroundings, as already mentioned in my earlier signs that Jupiter always brings permanent benefits. Jupiter in this house makes for sociability in the home, for better and more harmonious domestic conditions, and brings a better chance of present issues having a successful ending.

If Afflicted, be careful, you may face legal difficulties in connection with the home, property or investments if any!
Saturn’s transits in 4th house, it also aspects the 6th, 10th and 1st houses. While Saturn is in Sagittarius, your desires are on topmost, must control but you can nearly some certain extent, scope will be expanded in the mode of this free-ranging sign. Freedom of thought and action will be achieved through long studies, gravity where dignity will increase, Here Saturn heightens the concentration and encourages the desire to study, so that the intellectual potential is fully developed.
If afflicted, the freedom of mind and action stultified, results resentment/hatred. You will face difficulties with sexual enjoyment, debts and expenses though legacies. It is not a good time to borrow or spend money. Also, spiritual and occult studies are not much favored. You will have difficulties and frustration with Siblings, as well as limited energy to fulfil one’s daily desires and ambitions.

Ārdhāśtamā Sāni Daśā (अर्धस्तमाशनि): Native (jātaka) has to leave his existent place of stay without any doubt. Many a great kings had to face exile during this period. Rama went to forest in ‘Ārdhāśtamā’ daśā. Pandavas went to vanvasa when Saturn was in Aquarius. When in vanvasa Yudhisthira meets Sage Bharadhwaj and relates to him his plight. Yudhisthira says“oh sage look how unfortunate I am,I have lost all my wealth, Kingdom, belongings and I am wandering in his dense forest. Perhaps no other person would have been as unfortunate as I am.” For this sage Bharadhwaj says, “Oh great King, consider yourself as fortunate as you have the company of your wife and brothers even at this moment of calamity, to share with you your misfortunes”.Pitiable is the plight of him who has no company of his near and dear in times of trouble. King Nala lost his kingdom in a game of dice to his brother, and left to the forest along with his beautiful wife Damayanthi.
During Gochara, when Saturn traverses 4th house from natal-moon, called Ārdhāśtamā Sānidaśā (अर्धस्तमाशनि). Kantā Sāni. During this period, there will be harassment from Government and enmity with it. The cattle get destroyed. The saved money of the jātaka will easily flow away due to wasteful and unwanted expenditure. Native will leave his/her home, hometown or country even, under compulsion native may leave all his/her belongings. If judged the life span, its nearing to end if Mārak-daśā (मारक-दशा)is there. All properties will slip away, one leg may become inactive due to rheumatism, accident or some other disease. You may suffer dog bite or be attacked by horned animals. Wife or other female relatives may fall ill. The native himself may pass through critical period of bad health. There will be scarcity and poverty. You will lose all comforts and spend on negative things. You will lose respect and suffer humiliation. You will be always worrying about something or other, random unwanted thoughts. There will be fear limping in your mind that something bad may happen to you. Native’s thinking will become perverted and negative.

Thus Saturn in 4th gives bad results in all aspects of life. In brief you face restrictions/obstacles/delays in health, daily work, career success, promotions, and in any type of personal luck/favoritism. There is vulnerability or difficulties involving the heart too. This is time when native must have engaged in discipline, self-control, spiritual austerities, and organisational assignments. There is vulnerability or difficulties involving the heart.

Saturn Positive Aspects, still not so good in this position, unless particularly well aspect at birth, and also while passing through this house. You may decide to buy a home or you may decide to make some serious alterations in your home so you can use it to your advantage. This may also be a time when you seriously want to evaluate the effect of your early childhood environment on your adult personality, and you may wish to begin therapy of some kind. The end of affairs started at this time will not be so satisfactory and will be delayed beyond a reasonable time. Saturn brings domestic troubles, sometimes deaths or causes one to think about death, to prepare for death, to make wills, and to put one’s affairs into order in case anything may happened. It is unfavorable for making changes, brings depressing and hampering influences, difficulties with one’s father, or heavier responsibilities. Unless very well positive aspects, it makes everything in the home rather more depressing and heavy, but if Saturn is favorable in the Natal Chart, everything will be quieter, more settled and reposeful. But it is rarely that one can expect definite improvement in affairs when Saturn is in Kendra house.

Rāhu (राहु) transitsin 11th house, indicates great ability to fulfil major goals and desires. Native (jātaka) will earn plenty of wealth from “side ventures,” and has powerful influential worldly friends. Native will command respect and will get honor in the society. Your utmost evolution and fulfilment will come through performing altruistic acts for Society, getting involved with groups and friends, developing a sense of detachment. Wife will be cured of her ill health, her look will have a new glow and attraction. Children’s health also be cured and will be cheerful. You develop faith and spiritual devotion, also gets providential help. Other’s money will come to you without putting much efforts. You may get income from foreign through sea voyage and through water ways of rivers in business.

Kétū (केतु) transits in 5th house, connects to spirituality and psychic experience. In other words, if you are interested in enlightenment and evolutionary growth, then in this life you can now gains the benefits. Kétū (केतु) in the fifth does not help in birth of children. But those that are born during this time will be introspective, psychic, contemplative and decidedly spiritual.

Rāhu(राहु) transits in 10th house, indicates native’s (jātaka) a potent and thriving career. You are especially capable of affecting and influencing “mllechas(म्लेच्छ) (people of foreign extraction in ancient India) peasants or non-Hindus. Career success will grow stronger, if your age is of forty-one years when Rāhu (राहु) is considered to be “mature.” You should not engage in contemplation, meditation, introspection and seclusion for more than brief, intermittent periods of time. If your duties are social and your greatest happiness comes from being with people on a regular basis. Your work must produce results that withstand the test of time.

But in Tamil texts stated that if some other planet or planet(s) is/are there in the 10th, the results will be mixed. This reflects the idea that along with bad results, good results can also be expected. According to Tamil texts, there will be peaceful and happy life.

But properties will go out from hands. The support given by government will be withdrawn. There will be transfer to unwanted places. The native may suffer from black magic (as per the ancient texts but these days it is linked with evil eye). If
Mārak-daśā (मारक-दशा) coincides, there will be danger to life to. You may also have to do post funeral rites to your parents, (in 10th house, Rāhu (राहु) gives what is called karma-daśā). There will be confusion in all spheres of life. The native may quarrel with spouse. You will not have the food timely. Your sleep gets spoiled due to worries. You will not have clear mind and capacity to make any decision. Your memory weakens. As such we can come to the conclusion that according to Tamil texts all bad results will happen, during the second half. The Kétū (केतु) in the fourth house means difficulties comes from home, cars, and from mother’s side. It also indicates an innately spiritual nature and religious pilgrimages throughout the lifetime.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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