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Graphology: Analytic Study of Hand-Writing

Graphology is general term for all form and systems of handwriting analysis. Is derived from the Greek word ‘Grapho’ meaning I write and ‘logos’ meaning method or concept incising reasoning. Graphology is used to obtain a complete, quick and accurate examination of ones’ behavior and personality inclusive of all types of characteristics of the person concerned. It has been seen that graphology can quickly reveal about one’s character, emotions, intellectual capacity, creativity, social circle, ambitious thinking, mental disabilities including disappointments, physical strength and sex appetite any many more about the person connected. Graphology is the fastest way to know about other person. You can have an idea the moment somebody signs even on the bank-cheque or any communication.

In astrology, the Moon is controller of mind and taking a cue from this dictum, your handwriting also originates from your brain. It has been correctly stated by the learned on handwriting that handwriting is an in tenuous photograph of your mind. The movement of hand and hand writing are all connected with nervous system including your brain. Actually, your nervous system acts like a wire brain to hand. A thought in your brain is transmitted through – fingers who serve as a vehicle to put you’re thought in writing.

Handwriting analysis can aid in your business prosperity. You may avoid partnership with the person if on the analysis of the handwriting his characteristics or behavioral pattern does not match your mental thinking. Further, graphology saves time in knowing about the other reason without telling him because in other fields you ought to know about his date of birth etc. (for astrology and numerology) and one has to see hand print for palmistry. But in the analysis of handwriting, you may know the other well without telling him. Even for a selecting a partner in life for love/romance/mating or a friend, the handwriting serves the key to proceed further or stop.

Some of the person have termed graphology as an art in view of the application of scientific laws or principles governing the alphabets/words and sentences. Other have termed it as a science and others have termed it as an inaccurate science it as a science and other have termed it as an inaccurate science. Be that as it may, it has its potentiality to tell about the general characteristics of the person concerned BUT no future predictions can be based on the basis of handwriting.

In analysing handwriting/signature, lot of experience is needed. Hence the pronouncement need to be made carefully. Among the instruments for handwriting are pen, paper and the ink. Nobody pays attention to the choice of pen though it may have effect on the character of the handwriting. The pen is chosen keeping in view various circumstances of the person concerned including capacity to spend. Similarly, paper used also modifies the handwriting.

Race i.e. person of different origin may write in their own fashion. English speaking person write differently from Germans. Indian has their own way of writing. Language in which the word is written must also be taken into consideration.

As every human being is different from other, so the signatures don’t tally. As already stated that the handwriting is the reflection of your mental attitude, the handwriting remains distinguished and keep a separate entity though forged handwriting/signature may have a different story.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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