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Ketu Maharaj is moving to Capricorn for 30 months, Fate can change for some zodiac signs in the Year 2018-19!

Image result for ketuKetu's transit in Capricorn can be auspicious for some zodiac signs.

Ketu's transit to Capricorn was on 18th August 2017. Let us discuss the effects on all the zodiac in 2019. We will also tell you the solutions of the bad effect of Ketu's transit.

Ketu Maharaj is believed to be the successor of salvation, therefore, don't be afraid of Ketu Maharaj. The influence of Rahu-Ketu starts whenever the sinful planets come in any horoscope. Rahu and Ketu will give good results if the planet's placing is auspicious. But they will give bad results if the planets are not on the right path. Rahu and Ketu bring sudden changes in the life of any person, and many such incidents start happening.

The person will be multi-talented, if Ketu is auspicious in Jatak’s horoscope.

Why Rahu-Ketu always mentioned together? Because they were initially of the same body. Rahu influences intellect and thinking due to being attached to the head of the body. And at the same time Ketu blows with the scriptures as being part of the lower body. So, in the influence of Ketu, the affected person can commit violence.

If Ketu is inauspicious position, it always gives good results, but Ketu often causes harm if it is inauspicious.

Ketu Maharaj's impact which appears after transit, points to the major sudden changes in the life of any person. Therefore, it is very important to know its impact.

Ketu in an auspicious situation in any horoscope orientates spirituality in person’s life, by which such a person is sacrificing the life of pleasure and luxury and moving towards the sattvik ideas.

It is very important to understand the effects of Ketu's transit that according to its current impact in the horoscope, it has given just the opposite effect as per its good and bad positions.

So, Ketu will not treat same zodiac signs in a same manner, but its effect varies as per horoscope. So to know the results of the transition, we need to understand about the situations that where it can hit it.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you get your horoscope evaluate from a good astrologer.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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