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To know Astrologically, Why some children are Violent!

students GIFHere we will discuss about what are the best possible solutions to make Violent and Spoiled children the best and successful human being. Most of the Guardians complain that their children are more into mischief than studying, etc. Often parent look disturbed by the actions of their children because they live according to what they say and how they guide them. Many children look more engrossed towards shattering incidents etc.

At the same time, some children show interest in creative work more than studying, such as drawing, architecture, poetry or story writing or dance and other musical instrument, etc.There are children who have more interest in outdoor games, than in some are into indoor games. But there is a common compliant of the Guardians of all such children why their child’s mind is not focused into studies.

We have astrological solutions for the children who are into shattering incidents. Solutions are in astrology and it can also be proved in very clear words that why does a particular mind feel more than into spoiling normal routine life.

In any horoscope, the second house is of higher studies while the fourth & fifth house originally reproduce the intellect. The Moon is a clear cause of mind and depending on its relation and its status to the stability and versatility of the child’s mind can be judged.

Now, if the planet, moon move from LAGN to ASTAM BHAVA in any horoscope of a child, that child is more into creative fields instead of study.

Now, if planet the planet Moon moves into ASHTAM BHAVA while becoming PANCHMESH and also it is affected by other cruel and hostile planets or it is affected by its own ASHTAM than the mental state of that child is turmoil. In such a situation, due to the presence of auspicious and friendly planets, its condition can become normal, this type of child is into spoiling and shattering occurrences.

Either if there is a low-lying moon in the ASTAM (eighth house), like there is a low level of dissolution RAJ-YOG or the eye of any friendly planet on it can be reversed the situation.

Now it will be more appropriate if it is understood in the actual astrological language.

As per below mentioned ‘astrological combinations’* are always distract JATAK’s mind. In this situation, that person will be mentally upset always. Also, if a situation occurs like RAHU & KETU’s put their site on the weak moon, then JATAK become rowdy and mad maniacally.

*Astrological combinations
a)    Moon Lagna & Shastam, b) Astam or Dwadash situation c) Weak moon d) moon affected by sinful and cruel planets e) Frigid moon f) weak moon and low rated moon.

Have you ever wondered that on the day of full moon and new moon, why mad people who are under observations are being monitored by extra cautions, and those who are more likely to be violent are kept tied in chains? So that there will be no unexpected event happens.

But on the other side the unstable conditions of the moon are also beneficial. There are many examples of people who were world’s renowned scientists, innovators with full of creativities are having very weak and tortured moon. The logic is if the moon is in a stable state in a person’s horoscope, his intellect could only make a balanced imagination and he did not even imagine the new creative things.

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