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Saturn General Patterns and Affects

 space nasa physics planets saturn GIFSaturn, the planet of destiny, has been ranked as friend as well as a foe. For some persons. Saturn is Yoga-karka planet and has the capacity to make the native a leader, a king, VIP etc. depending on the placement of Saturn. In this write up, brief indications are given for the benefit of all as to what Saturn can give when alone in a particular sign ad when in association with other planets.

Saturn Affects in Sun Signs

Saturn in Aries: Debilitated and may not do worthwhile work but stand for machinery, metals, and factories and make the native an engineer. Detailed nature of profession would depend on the aspect/association/conjunction of other planets.

Saturn in Taurus: Vocations in finance related matters – the native may be employed in commercial concerns including banking / money-lending. Custodial functions etc. are also indicated.

Saturn in Gemini: Intellectual activity gives activities relating to communications, accountancy and auditing. Native gets support from friends.

Saturn in Cancer: Artistic professions, agriculture, religious profession, movement among people.

Saturn in Leo: Government employment or work in authoritative / administrative services. Struggle in professional matters unless had the beneficence of Jupiter / Venus/ Mercury.

Saturn in Virgo: Commercial ventures, trading real estate, brokerage. Native has practical business approach. Good position for worldly prosperity.

Saturn in Libra: Exalted position. Strong profession unless disturbed by Mars and Ketu. Lawyers (Saturn/Mercury/Venus) and Judges (Jupiter/Saturn/Mercury). Film actor/artists.

Saturn in Scorpio: Professions relating to machines, land or occult sciences.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Honourable profession, law or forest related activities, argumentative skill – come up to high positions.

Saturn in Capricorn: Professions involving considerable activity and movement. Sales jobs considerable activity and movement. Sales jobs/ executive positions involving liaison work practical people.

Saturn in Aquarius: In-depth study of subjects, research scientists, intellectuals, astrologers, advisers. Advisory and desk basked field.

Saturn in Pisces: Law, medicine, history, religion etc. for profession, Teachers, Detached nature. Jupiter and Saturn together give high professional circle.

Saturn with Other Planets

Saturn with Sun: Parent- son relationship effected. Government job. Aspect of Jupiter/ Venus/ Mercury may mitigate ill- effects of Saturn- Sun (enemies).

Saturn with Moon: Traveling, artistic bent, astrologers, accountants, religious heads. Cheaters also.

Saturn with Mars: Difficulties in career. All obstacles with benefic influences, the native gets money, land and buildings out of his professional income.

Saturn with Mercury: Trade, writing, law, authorships. All earning on account of intellect and ability.

Saturn with Jupiter: Fortunate combination to give luxurious profession-  finance banker, accountants, housing property.

Saturn with Rahu: Subordinate position except when saved by Jupiter and Venus. Masking abilities, actors etc.

Saturn with ketu: obstacles in careers as Ketu is inimical to Saturn. Career detached for the fruits of labor.

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