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Diwali Divine Symbols, must keep at Home!

Oil Lamps

lamp GIFA lighted oil lamp symbolizes bliss, peace and prosperity. Lighting of oil lamps, especially during the Diwali festival, is considered to be very auspicious. Hence, Diwali is known as 'the Festival of Lights'. On this day, the oil lamps are lit all over the residence to create ambience, radiance and attract Goddess Lakshmi to usher in peace and prosperity. Apart from this, oil lamps are lit on other auspicious occasions to represent divine inspiration of good luck. Lit daily oil.

The Swastika
Image result for animated symbol of swastikDuring ancient times, a unique symbol was conceived to represent the Sun's energy and benevolence. This symbol is popularly known as 'the Swastika'. The word 'Swastika' means 'well-being' and its abbreviated from "Swasti" is commonly used in Hindu religious ceremonial chants. Swastika is painted on the walls, entrances or in the places where wealth is placed, representing the everlasting sign of good luck. It is said to ward off dangers and diseases. Better, have use our traditional wisdom to enhance our luck and enrich our lives. Try it! Change the way you live. No one knows when luck will embrace one.

Signifying great knowledge and good fortune, the Lotus stands for grace and beauty. It is closely associated with Goddess Laskhmi and denotes wealth and luck. This auspicious flower is used during worship and other auspicious occasions.

party animals animal hat elephant Sticker


Elephant inter-alia represent Lord Ganesha. In Hindu mythology, elephants were considered white in colour, possessing wings. They are auspicious symbols of wealth. Nowadays, idols of decorated elephants adorn the homes and offices to bring in perpetual luck and wealth.

Wheel-Sudarshan Chakra

A wheel is a continuous circle depicting positive energy. Its constant movement signifies constant flow of wealth. Either it is drawn or hung on the main entrance door to invite good fortune. The wheel moving in clock-wise rotation is auspicious and lucky, whereas the wheel moving in anti-clockwise direction is associated with evil and sorcery.

Cows symbolize wealth and are believed to enhance one's riches through honorable means. Considered to be divine, the cows are worshipped reverently all over India. It will be very auspicious to start the day by feeding a little food to a cow. Feed specially on Wednesday with grass/green vegetables and on Thursday with 'Chana Dal' and 'Gur'.

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