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Effects of Mars, When Placed in Each Sign Upto 10 Degrees!

MARS IN GENERAL: Mars the planet of energy and the Universal Lord, has many effects to give depending on its placement especially up to 10 degrees in each sign. The effects have to be seen with reference to the Lord of the sign, Nakshatra in which it gets placed etc. Though the totality of the horoscope needs to be considered, here the effects of Mars up to 10 degrees only shall be considered.
Mars in each house and each sign gives different results, but the extent of each sign/house is up to 30 degrees. But, the effects of Mars in each sign up to 10 degrees shall be discussed.

Mars, precedes Jupiter in the heavens and performs its course in one year (to be more precise three hundred twenty-two days and 8 hours). Mars is a hot, dry, fiery, nocturnal and violent planet.

The exaltation point for Mars is 28 degrees in Capricorn (sign of Saturn). It rules over two signs i.e. Aries and Scorpio, Mars, when nearer to earth, frequent murders and atrocities are indicated. Retrograde Mars gives rise to more robberies and other calamities.

With regard to individuals, the true Martial type gives a strong, well-set bony, lean and muscular body, Rudy complexion and sharp eyes, and violent countenance – most of the persons in police /army /military have strong Mars. An unaffiliated Mars gives the native quick mental energy and extraordinary muscular strength – the native is ambitious and achieves his ambition. But, afflicted Mars made the native reckless, lavish, criminal, thief, perverted in sexual life etc.

Now know about the effects of Mars up to 10 degrees in each Sun sign: 

Mars in Aries up to 10 degrees

Mars is in its own sign but in the Nakshatra of Ketu i.e. Aswini. Such natives, depending on becoming Doctors including dental surgeons chemical engineers, Ayurveda Doctors etc. attain high degrees in mathematics and engineering, especially up to 3.20 degrees. But Mars in 3.20 to 6.40 degrees changes and poverty/ childlessness is indicated. The natives have Mars from 6.40 to 10 degrees, especially with the aspect of the Sun gives the natives health, wealth, and a happy married life.

Mars, a natural malefic, placed in Aswini creates more heat and the power will be used depending on the association/ aspect of the benefic/ malefic planet.

With Sagittarius rising, Sri Swami Vivekananda had Mars in Aries (7.46 degrees). But for the aspect of Jupiter, his tremendous energy (aggressive influence) might not have been directed in a spiritual channel. Another notable person of his time Sir Ashotosh Mukherjee had Mars in Aries (2.39 degrees) and Chandramangla and Gajkesari yoga accounted for his bull-dog expressions.

Mars in Taurus up to 10 degrees

Mars in the sign of Venus but in the Nakshatra of the sun Kritika. Accordingly, results have to be deduced from Mars. Venus and Sun. the native is social, generous, and hospitable but may suffer from eye trouble, throat trouble and such natives especially born – 03.20 degrees. Mars in Taurus from 3.20 degrees to 6.40 degrees gives the native benefit from Govt. Jewellery etc. and will have a smooth profession. Success to such natives comes after marriage. Mars from 6.40 to 10.00 degrees in Taurus gives a soft body, maximum enjoyment in life, earning from sales of medicine and explosives. The beneficial aspect on Mars in this segment may give two wives. In the case of a notable person Augustus Caesar, Mars was in Taurus (9.25) degrees and the 7th Lord gave two marriages.

Mars in Gemini up to 10 degrees

Mars is in the sign of Mercury but in the Nakshatra of Mrigsara (00.00 to 6.40) and then in Ardra (ruled by Rahu – 6.40 to 10.00 degrees). See the blending of planets and Nakshatras i.e. Mercury, Mars, and Rahu. With Mars up to 3.20 degrees in Gemini, the native may have moderate income and be an orator with a musical voice. Shy but devoted to mother Mars in Gemini from 3.20 to 6.40 degrees gives a happy married life but suffers from paternal grief and also from frequent illness of wife. Throat trouble is also indicated. However Mars in Gemini from 6.40 to 10.00 degrees makes the native fond of poetry and also wager to live in foreign countries. Sickness of a wife is also indicated. The notable person Sri Thyagaraj had Mars in Gemini (4.9 degrees) and was stated to be short-tempered in young life and was known to be great Musicians. Intellectual aristocracy, had Mars in Gemini just at 1.36 degrees.

Mars in Cancer up to 10 degrees
Mars in Cancer (ruler- the Moon) rises in Pushya Nakshatra (ruled by Saturn) and also in Ashlesha (6.40 to 10.00 degrees). For Mars in Cancer up to 10.00 degrees, results have to be taken from Mars, the Moon Saturn, and Mercury. Mars in Cancer up to 3.20 degrees produces men with a philosophical mind, interested in geology/ mineralogy/ metaphysics – some of such people settle in a foreign land with Mars from 3.20 to 6.40 degrees, medical expenses on mother, disappointment in love affairs especially up to 25 years of age and love marriage at about 27 years. Interrupted education is also indicated. Persons born with Mars in Cancer from 6.40 to 10.00 degrees should be careful from injuries on the head, especially by iron and steel. Drug peddlers smugglers, thieves including persons borrowing money with the intention of not returning are under the influence of Mars in this segment. Karl Marx had Mars in Cancer just at 0.58 degrees.

Mars in Leo up to 10 degrees

Mars in the friendly sign Leo ruled by the Sun falls in Magha Nakshtra ruled by Ketu and also in Poorvaphalguni ruled by Venus. Mars in Leo up to 3.20 degrees is capable of giving a high degree of intelligence and high Govt position but may not enjoy married life happily. The native may suffer from acute jaundice or asthma. With Mars from 3.20 to 6.40 degrees, the native has to be careful from poison due to worn medicine. Litigation is also indicated. Employment in defense or police department is indicated, as well as as an engineer/mechanic and some of such persons will be wealthy holding even Ministership if Mars is in Leo from 6.40 to 10.00 degrees. The known person Chittaranjan Das had Mars in Leo at 3.14 degrees – Lagna (Scorpio) Lord Mars in the 10th house gets a deified position. The blending of Mars and Venus influences gave a sound body and a sound mind.

Mars in Virgo up to 10 degrees

Mars in Hasta (Virgo) influences the natives from Mars, the moon, and Mercury. The native may have a Government Job and may rise to a middle-level position after problems for piles also indicated especially when Mars is rising between 3.20 to 6.40 degrees. This Mars in 6.40 to 10.000 degrees takes the native to printing and typing works. May also suffer from Asthma or paralysis.

Further, Mars (3.20 to 6.40 degrees) makes the natives good office managers, accountants, cashiers, and trusted employees. Mars (6.40 to 10.00 degrees) produces authors and lawyers (especially on the criminal side). Like to travel by air or by sea. Strange love affairs are indicated at the ages of 26 and 29 and some of them may take to drinks. To be careful from scandals.

Mars in Libra up to 10 degrees

With Mars in Libra, results will have to be deduced from Mars, Venus, and Rahu (Nakshtra-wise Chitra is ruled by Mars and Swati is ruled by Rahu). Native may be prone to gastro-enteritis, hernia, etc., the native, with Mars (up to 6.40 degrees) gets moderate wealth but is capable of destroying inherited property on account of association of some mean women or wrong company. With a medium type of education, the native may not rise to a high level, salesmen, and clerks are seen in this segment of Mars. With Mars (6.40 to 10.00 degrees), the expenditure of the native may exceed his income. Overall unhappy existence, regard for none, suffering much grief on account of women, etc. are indicated. Natives with Mars in Libra must be careful in their conduct. Defect in the body is also indicated. Abraham Lincoln had Mars in Libra at 5.46 degrees. Mars aspecting 4th house had a role in his assignation.

Mars in Scorpio up to 10 degrees

Mars in Scorpio would be in Visakha up to 3.20 and in Anuradha ruled by Saturn up to 10 degrees. Results have thus to be taken from Mars, (Scorpio is owned by Mars), Jupiter and Saturn. With interrupted education, miseries up to the age of 30 or so when Mars is up to 3.20 degrees, with Mars in Scorpio up to 6.40 degrees, depending on the position of Saturn and The Sun, the native may be a liar and capable of committing all sorts of sins and suffer from mental imbalance. Such natives were either artisans or metallurgists and connected professions. Mars up to 10 degrees take the native to the business of leather goods or pottery, security services (body-guard) of VIPs who may discard him in old age. Among the notable persons, Sri Narasimha Bharati had Mars in Scorpio at 6.55 degrees (Libra Lagna) and might have contributed to assuming a position of public authority in matters of spiritualism and religion.

Mars in Saggitarius up to 10 degrees

Mars up to 10 degrees would be under the influence of Ketu (Mula Nakshatra), Ketu is kin to Mars. A self-made man – well known in business circles, independent in thinking (not to remain in a subordinate position). Such natives have to be careful about accidents, especially at the age of 35/36. Rather even in early childhood, such natives have to be careful about accidents, especially at the age of 35/36. rather even in early childhood, such natives can receive severe burn injuries at the age of 6/7.

Mars in Capricorn up to 10 degrees.

This position of Mars falls in the sign of Saturn but in the Nakshtra Uttara Ashada ruled by the Sun. the native may connected with machines, industry and education may be obstructed for one reason or the other. Normally father's trade will suit the native in case Mars is upto 3.20 degrees. Mars in this segment upto 6.40 degrees gives long life and also inherited property and Mars upto 10 degrees in Capricorn also gives fixed religious ideas, inclination for occult study and also capacity for intensive reading. Some of the natives with this position of Mars also become king or equal to them i.e. the present day Prime Ministers/President. Emperor Nero had Mars in Capricorn at 1.2 degrees with Rahu and Venus (Lagna Saggitarius).

Mars in Aquarius is up to 10 degrees.

Mars in this sign of Saturn would be influenced by Mars itself and also by Rahu (Dhanishta is owned by Mars and Satbhisha is owned by Rahu). With Mars up to 3.20 degrees, the native gets a long life of up to 76 years or so but frequent sickness cannot be ruled out. Natives are normally intelligent and Mars in 3.20 to 6.40 degrees gives good luck, health, and happiness. Some of the natives neglect their families up to the age of 35 or so and then ratify. The enmity between father and son is also indicated. Natives with Mars from 6.40 to 10 degrees have to be careful from bad people surrounding them. If away from bad company, the native will have good character and will be respected. He would be a generous fellow and devoted towards relatives and friends. Some of the persons with Mars in this segment up to 6.40 degrees have turned out to be astrologers/astronomers. They love music and cultivate the society of actors and actresses.

Mars in Pisces up to 10 degrees

Mars in this segment shall be governed by Jupiter and Saturn. Uttar-bhadrapad falls in the domain of Saturn. With Mars up to 3.20 degrees, the native may be involved in works connected with metal or mechanical engineering, building construction work, and even in the sale of meat (including the export of meat products). Unless Mars is not afflicted, the native earns good wealth and lives happily. But a Mars up to 6.40 degrees makes the natives wander in distant lands (foreign countries). Loss of money through deceit is also indicated and some of the natives may be discarded by his family. Even the position of Mars in this segment up to 10 degrees is not good. Suffering sorrows on various accounts and selfish dispositions are indicated. Does not respect elders. Such a native in general also likes music, singing, and running after mysterious things. The Great Sri Adi Shankaracharya had Mars in Pisces at 3.36 degrees.

From the above discussion, it is abundantly clear that Mars up to 10 degrees in any sign gives different results. It will also be apt to say that different results are indicated when Mars is in its sign or in Mool-trikona sign. Mars has his Mool-trikona in the Aries up to 18 degrees. Similarly, the effects of Mars in its exaltation sign would be different as against its debilitated position. The Sun is exalted in Aries (Sign of Mars) at 10 degrees. Mars is representative of the Commander-in-chief (Senapati) in the planetary cabinet.

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