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What is 'H' Line? Know - How Strong is your Luck?

There is always a meaning of any mark on your hand. There are different kind of lines patron make some characters on the palm sometime. This kind of line patterns is shaped like English alphabets which are like 'M', 'X' and 'H'. But today we will tell you how the 'H' letter of English brings effect on hand.

According to palmistry, there are not only simple lines on our palm, but some kind of special symbols or shapes predict our future and responsible for spoiling it as well.

Trident on the hand, conch, whistle, etc are considered auspicious symbols but on the other hand, 'cross or cycle on hand is considered inauspicious.

Today we will discuss letter 'H' on Hand. First of all, we will tell you that letter 'H' is being formed on which part of our palm and how it is being formed.

It is important to know that how are these characters made? If you have a little knowledge of the scriptures and hand lines then you will understand it faster, but still we gradually tell you how the letter H on hand is being made naturally. Look at the picture, moving from the smallest finger of our hand to the other side, a line is called a heart line or heart line.
ptrzykd illustration space stars hand GIF

Just below the heart line there is another line formed which is known as the headline or the brain-line. One another mark that is formed between these two lines have the greatest effect on our lives. If there is a straight line between these two lines and meets them, then these three lines together make the English letter 'H'. 

Make sure that this line is formed like, i.e. its origin should be between the heart-line and head-line. If the line which is in-between, comes back from the reverse of these two lines, then it is not considered right H. There is no auspicious effect on such a life of H.

So, lets find that how strong is your luck. According to palmistry, lines on someone's palm are shaped like H only is auspicious and fortunate.

How strong is your luck, people who are having such a combination of palm lines are the most lucky people on this earth but their fate and stars only work at certain age. Let us know what happens to the people who have H-character lines on their palm.

Who is having this 'H' patron lines on his palm, such a person is virtuous but his fate does not work at least for the first 20 years of his age where the duration of till the age of 20 is with chaos and full of confusion.

Fate of this kind of people works after a certain age. After the age of 20, their fortunes start working slowly. As soon as their skills get their rightful place, these people become kings by the rink. But till the right place does not get it, the luck keeps on testing them. 

Apart from any auspicious symbol on the palm one must recognise their skill-set and work hard is the only way to progress in life.

People who got the alphabet H on their hands, their talents make them different and extra-ordinary. Such people are clever, smart and having savvy eyes, no one can cheat them easily. These people know how to control the heart and mind well in balance. Since their 'H' line connects the heart-line and the brain-line together, they are affectionate, full of emotions due to this association.

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