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Transit of planet Mars in Gemini, Good or Bad!

Dr. Shanker Adawal

As per astrology point of view, planet Mars is considered to be a very strong but destructive planet. This is the reason that when planet changes its location then everyone gets cautious and would inquisitive to know about Mars transit.

Let us know the effects of Mars transit on each zodiac sign.

Image result for mars and gemini artworkMars will change its position on 27 May at 1:53 as per IST. This time planet Mars will enter in Gemini zodiac sign from the Taurus which will remain there for a month. After that on July 11, 2017, the transfer of planet Mars will be Cancer zodiac sign.  

But what will be the transit impact on Gemini as well as other eleven zodiac signs during this time. These astrological results are based on as per your lunar zodiac sign in your horoscope.

Transit impact on Aries: Mars will transit in the 3rd House which will be beneficial for every Aries horoscope. This transit will improve the opportunities in your carrier with strong self-belief, as a result you will get success in both the sides during the period. Apart from this, fortune will also accompany you. But be careful about the health of your parents. 

Transit impact on Taurus: Here Mars will transit in the 2nd House, which will be directly linked with your finances but there will be no big change in your income where expenses may be more. Do not ignore the health of your spouse during this period. During this transit, take measures to calm the planet to avoid losses.

Transit impact on Gemini: From the arrival of Mars in your own amount, you will be able to see its effect on the first of your horoscope. But there is nothing as terrifying, this transit will wake up your destiny and give new opportunities. But during this period, your anger may increase which is the biggest sign of stability.

Transit impact on Cancer: Transit of Mars in the 12th house of Cancer zodiac sign, a little harmful to your health. Either disease can grow suddenly or the long-standing disease can prove to be dangerous beforehand. Therefore, one must take measures to calm the planet Mars before transit approaches.

Transit impact on Leo: Mars transit in Leo will be in 11th house in this planetary change which is going to be auspicious. There will be new opportunities, you can get some good news from your work place. Apart from this, your confidence will also be seen growing during this time but the strength of Mars will also give your anger. So, it will be necessary to do some measures to calm the planet. 

Transit impact on Virgo: For Virgo people, Mars transit is going to be auspicious being moving in the 10th house. There will be a sudden bounce in your career, you may get promotion too. For the people who in to business, will get new clients and big advantage deals. Again the strength of Mars will also give anger, be cautious. 
Transit impact on Libra: Mars transit will be in the 9th house in Libra zodiac. During this time your income may increase, can travel a long distance. You will get great love and support from your spouse and would be life partner. Need to take care of mother's health and siblings.
Transit impact on Scorpio: Mars is moving in the 8th house in Scorpio sign which is great concern. It can have any physical pain due to its effect. This transit can also give you unexpected benefits but there are some legal issues which can trap you. Be alert, vigilant and take every decision carefully as this transit is going to give you some mixed impact. 

Transit impact on Sagittarius: Transit of Mars in Sagittarius will be in the 7th house, whose direct effect will be on your nature. Your attitude will be full of aggression all the time and at the same time irritability, moodiness and anger even on small-small things. Need to be lot of control over this type of attitude.

Transit impact on Capricorn: Mars transit will move to 6th house in Capricorn. There are possibilities to get success in legal issues. Mars in 6th house will change your attitude, nature towards the better than earlier. Anger and aggression will be still there but on the other hand, children will get the benefit of this transit where they can be stubborn in nature.

Transit impact on Aquarius: Mars will move 5th house in your Rashi. Impact of this transit will be mixed beneficial for you. Promotion in service or change in job may be there but expenses are going to increase during this period of transit.

Transit impact on Pisces: Transit of Mars will be in 3rd house for Pisces people, a little decline in mother's health can be found, ideological differences and depression may occur during this transit. Your married life may too affected. 

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