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Identify Deadly Planets in Your Horoscope?

How to Identify Deadly Planets in any Horoscope?

As per Hindu Vedic Astrology there are nine planets exists in any horoscope in its twelve houses. There are two shadow planets name Rahu and Ketu out of nine planets. Rahu and Ketu have a major role in every person's life.

There are two planets name Karak and Marak placed in EVERY HOROSCOPE are also in accordance with their respective positions.

Here, we will move forward this discussion that which planet will be a MARAK in any Horoscope?

Before this, first we know that what is the astrological meaning of MARAK Planet?

Planet MARAK AND MARKESH are the most debatable points in Hindu Astrology. It is also a matter of great concern for any horoscope that which planet will play the role of MARAK (a killer planet).

So, let us know some very important facts so that your confusion can be overcome and we can avoid getting caught in the trap of alleged astrologers.

DWITIVESH and SAPTMESH always become the reasons of MARAK planets. Where DWITIVESH and SAPTMESH itself are the lord of wealth and marriage. But these planets become MARAK and reasons of death when positioned auspiciously in the center to TRISHADAYESH places of 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

In spite of being more powerful MARAK planets which are Moon, Mercury and Sun are less dangerous. 

In such a case, the question arises,  Why these auspicious planets are the MARAK planets, whereas the natural sinner and cruel planets have less capability of pushing to Death?

In fact, the general principle of PARASHARI works here, which is confirmed by the great PRASHAR himself, including HAURA SHASTRA.

Any natural auspicious planet like Venus, the Guru and Mercury, which is away from the Sun are become the MARAK planets if positioned in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th House.

On the contrary, the natural sinners, i.e. the low Moon, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn are not becoming the reason of MARAK planet's weather positioned in the center.

The death of the JATAK becomes certain when SAPTAMESH and DWITIWESH planets are running under DASHA and ANTARDASHA. Also, on the other hand, there is a straight vision of inauspicious and cruel planets on them.

But if there is such a sight of some auspicious planets in SAPTAMESH and DWITVESH, then instead of the death of the person, he has to undergo a state of physical-mental distress.

Apart from this, we need to check about JATAK’s Longevity like short, mid or normal age time-span. If any person comes in the longevity category because of CHANDRA and SUN LAGNA, then such a person cannot die due to the MARAK planets which we discussed in the beginning. Yes, such a person cannot die but may have to suffer with large physical losses.

Contrary to general belief, you saw here that the natural auspicious planet is capable of creating the status of strong MARAKESH, whereas the cruel and sinful planets have less potential of anxiety.

While the alleged astrologers have done the job of cheating the people by telling them that Rahu, Ketu, Mangal and Saturn are the strong MARAK planets.

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