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What is Taurus? What are the Basic traits of Taurus? What is the importance of Taurus in Zodiac Signs?

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac which is a feminine, quadruped and earthy sign, and fixed in nature which rise with its back. Due to these qualities natives born under this sign become inexorable, solid and pillar of the community. It represents villages and businessmen. The sign becomes strong, when it is in between 13 degree.20’ to 16degree.20’. Taurus is the most earthy in nature if compared with other earthy Signs of the Zodiac and it is the most fixed, solid and even materialistic sign of the Zodiac. For understanding the personality of Taurus in a better way one should understand that Earth is more than just a physical element and that it is a psychological attitude as well. Due to fixed and earthy nature their strong stability of purpose combined with an obdurate mind makes natives unshaken in adversity. I represents a native having very steady and grounded quality, attracted to material values and comforts.

The Nature in general

Natives born under Taurus sign will be reliable, responsible, affectionate and loyal to their master as well as in relationship. It will be very easy to get along with them and will be good team players. In general natives born under Taurus sign will be patient and reserved, seldom arising what other do or think, patient, gentle, even tempered, good natured, modest, slow to anger, determined and possess enormous reserves of strength and common sense. They will not like to quarrel and tend to avoid ill-feeling.

Taurus native will be strong and silent. In the first instance they will comes across as extremely quiet and reserved person but when one get close to them, he will have a proper conversation, rather than simple monologues. They will move deliberately and will be steady as equal as the `Rock of Gibraltar’. Once a Taurus has made up his mind, he folds his arms calmly and digs in his heels. It will be impossible to move him even slightly. If he is left alone, the native will come across as a very easygoing person. One of the typical personality traits of a Taurus is passivity. You will see him to be there where his presence is necessary, but he will never be the one who call on you. Similarly at the same time, he will know `what to do’ and `how to do it’. It is in his nature to be stable and remain with peace. Worrying, fretting or getting nervous will not be the characteristics of the native born under Taurus sign. Native will take his decisions after careful considerations and with patience. They love their home and changes upsets them. It will not be justice to call a Taurus native stubborn because basically the native took time to decide what to do. Even a Taurus native doesn’t think so and believe that he is patient and not an obstinate.A native of Taurus sign will have all the power of action that an Aries native carries but he will not be satisfied with action for its own sake. They think that their actions must be productive, practical and wealth producing. If he not sees any practical value in an action he will not bother in taking it. Native born under this sign achieve almost everything in his life. Sooner or later, the money will come to them. They are believed to be down to earth and they possess strong sense of values.

It is very rare that a native born under Taurus sign would be rigid, argumentative or a quarrelsome but if provoked, they seems to lose all self-control and can explode into violent outbursts of anger. They will be liable to fierce possessiveness. If you push him somewhat then firstly he will become stubborn. If you still try to make him budge, you should be bewaring of his violent temper. If pressed unnecessarily, he becomes obstinate. He will shove too hard, tease too much and behave violently like any thing. A Taurus person will be hardly impulsive and without a justified reason never gets angry. In actual, he will have the perfect control over his emotions. Native will have the amazing quality of bearing emotional and physical pain. Even he may tolerate all these things for many years, without grieving or complaining. He will come out with more strength if he faces more troubles. The natives are hardly cruel. At the same time, they are seldom broke. However, when the native does get angry, it is better not to get in his way otherwise one is bound to get trampled. His anger will also take time to come down.

Native will not be a stingy and his pockets along with his heart; will always be open to friends and family. He loves grandeur and he is deeply interested in the various forms of art. Music usually has a very special place in his life. The ideas of a Taurus are always sensible as well as practical. He is not the one to build castles out of air. Synonymous with lasting love, Taurus people are not prone to wandering. They love luxury, but detest waste and extravagance. Last but not the least; they are dependable, strong, patient and trustworthy.

The main possession of a Taurus is his sense of oneness and harmony with the earth. When Taurus has gotten in tune with this inner sense then he or she will no longer feel harassed into trying to gain. They want just to supplement a feeling that they are not quite able to comprehend. Native will have a positive effect on other person lives due to their inner sense of calmness and peace that acts as an inspiration. The natives will have an earthy wisdom which will be much sought after and that makes them a popular person in society with their peers.

To meet the challenges laid out for them by the planetary influences the natives born under this sign must lay claim on, and hold the highest values, discarding all those things in their life which is of lesser importance. This will be the only way by which these natives can be able to meet the challenges in their life. They must root out and overthrow the tendencies of greed and jealousy because vibrating to a higher level leaves no place in their life for such qualities. As said earlier natives born under Taurus sign will be very much in tune with the Earth and due to the influence of Venus, being the lord of the sign, they will have a great love for all those things which are connected with beauty such as art, poetry, singing, dancing, fashion, jewelry and the natural landscape. If a native of Taurus sign undertakes a project, it may be presumed that work will be done in time. These natives will be loyal, patient, and deliberate in working toward their goals, and that’s why they most likely completed their work well in time. Most fertile places for them would be a farm house, a bank and a real estate office, but one can find them grazing in other pastures also.

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