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Mercury in 6th House

Mercury becomes exalted in the 6th house. The native will be self-made man and will receive benefits from agricultural land, stationery, printing press and trade. Good or evil words from his mouth will never go waste. North facing house will give bad results. Daughter's marriage in the north direction will make here unhappy in every way.
1. Burying a bottle filled with Ganga water into the agricultural land.
2. Putting on a silver ring in the left hand of ones wife.
3. Starting any important work in the presence of a girl or daughters, or with flowers in hand proves auspicious.
Mercury in 7th House
In a male horoscope, Mercury in the 7th house proves highly beneficial for others for whom the native wishes well. In a female horoscope it produces good result. The pen of the native wields more power then the sword. The sister of the native's spouse will prove highly helpful in every matter. If a Moon is placed in the 1st house, overseas journey will be advantageous. Saturn in the 3rd house will make the wife's family very rich.
1. Avoid any business in partnership.
2. Avoid speculation.
3. Do not keep relationship with sister-in-laws of spoilt character.
Mercury in 8th House
Mercury gives very bad results in 8th house, but if it is placed along with a male planet it will give good effects of the associated planet. The native lives a hard life, suffers from diseases and during the age 32-34 his income goes down by half. It is more harmful if some planet is placed in the 2nd house. If Rahu is also placed in the same house the native may have to go to jail, or may have to be hospitalized or may have to wander from place to place. Bad results accrue if Mars is also placed therein. Mercury here causes disfavor from the government and diseases like blood disorder, eye problem, tooth and vein troubles, as well as big loss in business.
1. Get an earthen pot filled with honey and bury it in the cremation ground or deserted area.
2. Place milk or rain water in a container on the roof of the house.
3. Put a ring in the nose of your daughter.
Mercury in 9th House
Mercury provides very bad results, in the 9th house also, because this house belongs to Jupiter and Mercury remains inimical to it. It causes continuous mental restlessness and defamation of various types. If Moon, Ketu and Jupiter are placed in 1, 3, 6, 7, 9 and 11th houses, Mercury does give very advantageous results.
1. Avoid the use of green colour.
2. Get yours nose picked.
3. Offer mushroom filled in an earthen pot to a religious place.
4. Do not accept any tabeez from any sadhu or faqir.
Mercury in 10th House
Mercury in the 10h house provides favour from the government. Gives good sources of livelihood, he manages to get his work done in every way. The business of such a native flourishes in a shermukhi house, but residency in such a house gives very bad result and can be disastrous.
1. Consumption of eggs, meat and liquor are strictly prohibited.
2. Offer rice and milk in religious places.
Mercury in 11th House
Mercury in this house gives bad results, because of enemity to Jupiter. At the age of 34 the native undertakes works of extreme foolishness. Here Mercury causes loss of wealth, loss of mental peace and loss of reputation. Even hard work is not awarded. However the children of native will be well educated and get married in very rich and noble families.
1. Wear copper coin in neck in a white thread or silver chain.
2. Do not keep a widowed sister or father's sister in your house.
3. Avoid green colour and emerald.
4. Do not accept any Tabeez from a sadhu or faqir.
Mercury in 12th House
Mercury here destroys night's sleep of the native and causes troubles of many sorts. He loses peace of mind and very often suffers from headache. He has a long life but suffers from poison, although, however, if Mercury is accompanied by Saturn in this house very good results follow. Saturn along with Sun and Mercury in 12th house also gives good result. Daughters, sisters, father's sister and niece will be unhappy as long as they are living in the native's house. Such persons are generally self praising and of irritable nature. If something right or wrong goes into his mind, he will ensure to stick to it in every manner. In such a native is fond of taking liquor, he will be of pretentious nature. Speculation in business will prove harmful. Marriage in the 25th year will prove harmful for the native's wife and father. Mercury in 12th House is considered harmful for males, but is not bad for females.
1. Throwing new empty pitcher in a river.
2. Putting on a ring of stainless steel.
3. Putting kesar tilak on face, head and visiting religious places of worship.
4. Taking advice of another person before starting any new or important work.

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