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Gems v/s Diseases

When a person enjoys wonderful health, but is careless to maintain it, he should remember “Nature never forgets and never forgives. Health is the main criterion of life, if health is maintained, all over offshoots of life like wealth, love, happiness etc. can be enjoyed, otherwise life becomes a Hell.

Your Horoscope can reveal the disease you are likely to suffer. A detailed and specific analysis of the same can be made even with the date of occurrence and duration.
From the horoscope, we can calculate the time and duration of the disease. Horoscope is more useful than a stethoscope.

In Birth chart, ascending sign, malefic planets posited in the sign, affliction of Sun and Moon by malefic and signs where Sun and Moon are posited by judged for predicting the disease to which the native can be subjected. In addition house of disease, the Sixth house, planets posited therein and all afflictions to sixth house its lord are to be checked. This is the fundamental points of checking the disease.

Each house and planet contributes disease and body parts for which they are held.
Any malefic planet in Sixth house gives good health, whereas, 8th house called for chronic, will indicate so if a benefice planet is posited therein.

The Horoscope

We provide a few combinations for judgement of disease from the Horoscope.

1. Affliction of Sun, Rahu, Ketu, 6th house, Mars, Moon, Saturn, 4th house and Cancer sign etc. are to be checked for heart attack whereas 12th house is analysed for hospitalization.

2. Rahu. Saturn are significators of nerves. Lagna, Lagna lord, 6th, 8th houses and its lords are to be analysed. Rahu & Saturn should influence all the above factors indicates Paralysis.

3. When Moon and Mercury is afflicted by Saturn and has touch of Rahu and Ketu. “Mania” is caused.

4. The planets-Sun. Moon and Venus give Vision, 2nd and. 12th houses indicates Right and Left eyes. When these are afflicted by planets of darkness Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, blindness is caused.

5. 3rd and 11th house indicates ears. Karakas are Mars and Jupiter. Affliction to all causes, Deafness.

Gems for Cure

Part 1

From the above we can find the diseases. In addition to medicines, Gems have effects on the human body through radiations as stand proved through scientific study.

Gems have abundance source of colours and when any colour is found unbalanced, is injected or poured through the Gems, the body will be free from ailments.

The most difficult task is to select Gems, The author has made a long research on the subject. The basic principle of the research is that when a planet is malefic in birth chart causing troubles or disease, use-Anti Dose Treatment to the planets through Gems to subside or minimise his evil effects. This has given me all time success.

To treat the different diseases, a combination of Gems and their use has been provided, which have been tried out successfully.

Common cold
It is a virus infection of the upper breathing organ. An acute inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane with profuse discharge from the nose.

Combined use of the gems red coral and yellow sapphire may cure this disease, but medicines should also be taken side by side in order to get quick relief.

Pyrexia, it is a body temperature above normal body temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit (taken orally).

Combined use of the gems red coral and yellow sapphire may cure this disease, but medicines should also be taken side by side in order to get quick relief.

Children’s diseases
One single gem Moonstone in 3 or 4 rattis has powers to cure all children’s diseases. It may be worn in a pendant attached to a silver chain round the neck.

Pain in the Head.
The gems Emerald in 6 rattis or Amethyst in 4 rattis may cure this trouble completely. Sometimes the gem blue sapphire may be useful. Someone may be frightened to use blue sapphire, in that case, he may safely use Lapis Lazuli (Rajpatta).

Pain in the tooth.
One single gem blue sapphire or Lapis Lauzli (rajpatta) in 4 rattis on little finger of either hand will cure this disease completely. This is called sympathetic treatment.

By antipathetic treatment, gems of his enemy planet may give similar results. Mars is the enemy of Saturn and so his gem red coral may also cure this disease. Again gum-boils or gum-pains arc caused by Mars, So the combined used of red coral and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli will give wonderful results in such cases.

Partial or complete loss of hearing.

Saturn and Mercury are the two planets who are solely responsible for causing deafness. Emerald and Blue sapphire or Lapis Lazuli may be used jointly in order to get better results.

Ear trouble
The commonest form of ear troubles is the accumulation of wax in the ear which causes deafness, earache, ringing in the ear.

The gems emerald in 6 rattis on middle finger and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli in 4 rattis on little finger may ward off ear-troubles completely. Emerald is regarded as the best medicine for all ear-troubles.

Eye trouble
Pink-eye is the symptom of conjunctivitis which is highly communication and contagious.
It is said that by gazing at the emerald one can improve his eye-sight. It is also believed that Pearl has powers to improve one’s eye sight. Combined use of the gems emerald, pearl and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli will cure all sorts of eye-complaints.

Whooping cough
An infectious disease, characterized by catarrh of the respiratory tract, followed by peculiar paroxysms of cough, ending in a prolonged whooping respiration.

The gems emerald in 3 rattis and red coral 4 rattis may cure this disease.

Cirrhosis of liver
Hardening of the liver due t the formation of fibrous tissue. A chronic ailment of liver, caused due to many causes e.g.: alcoholic / atrophic / biliary / cardiac / hypertrophic / metabolic / posthepatic / toxic reasons.

Gem prescription.
1. Pitambari Nila in 4 rattis and, red coral 4 rattis.
2. Emerald, Yellow sapphire and blue sapphire or lapis lazuli.

Inflammation of large bowel, or colon.
Combined use of the gems Pittambari Nila, red coral and yellow sapphire will give satisfactory results. The gem emerald in 6 rattis may be used as additional gem in acute cases.

Inflammation of a joint, which may be associated with pain, selling heat and redness of the joint specially knee joints.

The arthritis is cured by Acupuncture also. Expert medical advice is required to be sought at the time of attack and side by side gems can be used as a second line of defence against this disease. The gems can definitely help this ailment.

The prescription for gems will be as under:-
1. Red coral in 7 ½ rattis on third ringer and Gomed in 5 rattis on middle finger of either hand.
2. Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire in 5 rattis on Tarjani.
3. Red Coral and Blue Sapphire in 4 rattis on kanishta.
4. Lapis Lazuli an Red Coral on 4th and 3rd fingers respectively.
5. Along with one steel ring.
Any one of these combinations may be taken.

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