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Krishna, Rama, Hanuman & Other Devas

According to the Vedic Tradition, there are literally thousands of Devas or expressions of the Divine that are responsible for progress in virtually every specific area of life. There are also certain days during the month or the year when particular qualities of the Divinities listed above are most lively and Yagyas are most effective. Please consult with a good Pandit, if you have a particular need or desire, who may advise you which Pooja or Homa may be appropriate, and on which date.

Yagyas for Graha Shanti (Gaining Benefic Influence from the Planets)

A second category of Vedic Cerermonies is “Graha Shanti” performances for reducing the negative effects of our past karma as expressed through the agency of our “cosmic counterparts” in the form of the seven planets plus Rahu and Ketu.

Navagraha Shanti Pooja and/or Homa

Genereally a “Navagraha Shanti” Pooja and/or Homa is a performance that appeals to all nine of these heavenly bodies, with special emphasis on the one or two planets that may need special attention. These ceremonies are participatory. Although the Pandit performs the Pooja, the sponsor is intimately involved in the Navagraha ceremony, as he or she is in the other types of Vedic ceremonies. This Yagna may last from two to four hours or more in length and may involve a homa as well as a special Pooja.

A trained Jyotishi will be able to identify which of the planets may be in need of remedial measures and prescribe the appropriate measures.
In addition to Graha Shanti Poojas, certain ceremonies for Ganesh, Durga, Vishnu or Siva may also be appropriate to help alleviate the negative influence from a specific planetary situation. A special “Narayanvali” ceremony to bring peace to one’s ancestors, may also be helpful in certain situations.

Birthday Graha Shanti Yagyas

On a person’s birthday, it is traditional to start one’s personal “New Year” with a Navagraha Shanti Pooja or Yagna, along with a Pooja to Ganesh and Mother Divine to ensure support of Nature during the upcoming twelve months.

Inauguration Graha Shanti Yagyas

When starting any important endeavour, such as a business or going to school, a Navagraha Shanti Yagna is traditionally performed, often accompanied by a Pooja to Lakshmi, Ganesh or Saraswati, depending on the nature of the endeavour being started.

Mool Shanti Yagyas

These special Yagyas are performed to alleviate the negative effects of the natal Moon’s position in Aswini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Moola or Revati. Depending on the natal chart, they may be combined with Yagyas to Ganesha, Durga, Vishnu or Siva, or with the Navagraha Shanti Yagna.

Naagvali Pooja

This specialized Pooja is understood to nullify the effects of Kala Sarpa Yoga in the birth chart (“the yoga of the Serpent of Time” which occurs when all planets move towards Rahu or Ketu.)

Kumbha Vivaha

This specialized ceremony for women is performed to neutralize certain Jyotish Yogas (such as Vaidhavya Yoga) that indicate widowhood or divorce.

Poojas for Benefic Influence on a New-Born Child

When a baby is born a Graha Shanti Yagna is also performed to help clear the path of any obstacles to the newborn’s evolution. In addition to the Graha Shanti ceremonies there are also specific Yagyas to ensure the good health of a new-born child whose birth chart has certain unfavourable combinations. These ceremonies include Mool Shanti and the Naagvali Pooja to nullify Kala Sarpa Yoga. These Yagyas may also be appropriate for adults with certain planetary combinations.

Yagyas for Important Life Transitions
There are also Traditional Vedic Ceremonies to ensure smooth passage into virtually every new important state of human life. These ceremonies are performed on specially selected days that may precede the event or that may occur as an integral part of the specific transition.

These ceremonies for various life stages include:

1. Conception
2. Entering School
3. First Feeding of Grains (Annaprasan)
4. First Hair-Cutting (Chowla)
5. First Time Out-of-Doors for the Baby
6. Initiation into Vedic Studies (Upanayan)
7. Marriage Vedic Wedding Ceremony
8. Name-Giving (Namakaran)
9. Piercing the Ears (Karanchhedan)
10. Safe Delivery and Birth
11. Start of Study of Alphabet (Vidyaramba)
12. Strengthening the Unborn Child (Seemanta)
13. Vastu Shanti Ceremonies:
i) Ground-Breaking for House Building (Bhoomi & Vastu Pooja)
ii) Establishing Door Frame in New Building
iii) Entering a New Home or Building
14. Starting a Business
15. Wedding Anniversaries
16. Performance of Funeral Rites
Performance of Rites to Honour the Deceased (Narayanvali).

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