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Debilitated Mars (Mangal) – Effects For Different Signs (Rasis)

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Mars is known to be planet of energy and vitality and is responsible for rage, anger, ego, proud, military, police, army and also has a say in criminal activities. Without dwelling on this aspect about the various significations of Mars, it would suffice to say that the Mars loses its energetic force to a considerable extent. The natives may have to under-go operations/ surgeries including that of heart. Mars has also a role to play with regard to menses fro females and also become responsible for various diseases concerning uterus and finally leading to surgery.

1) For Aries Lagan-Mars in its debilitation position gets to 4th house which is devoid of directional strength being opposite to 10th house. Mars would be weak for such persons including those who are born with the Mars in Aries. Those suffering from any diseases specially heart problem etc. the Lagan lord being weak and depending on the Moon n birth chart can create mental and physical problems.

2) For Taurus Lagan-Mars- The planet Mars/ is signification of young brothers and weak 12th lord getting to 3rd house is bound to create some troubles or it may deny a younger brother. This Mars also aspect the 7th house and if afflicted Venus and Mercury are also involved, the death of spouse is also indicated. Early death of wife is attributed to the 2nd lord Mercury (8th from 7th house) comes under the influence of Mars.

3) For Gemini Lagan-Debilitated Mars comes in the 2nd house and the native becomes cruel in speech and action. Gemini sign itself is considered by some astrologers 'cruel'- of course depending on the power of Mercury the Lagan lord. The native using abusive language and also being violent are known for this combination if the Moon also happens to join leading to mental illness or restlessness.

4) For Cancer Lagan- The debilitated Mars come in Lagan aspecting the 4th house and 7th / 8th house thus creating domestic unhappiness and also marital disharmony. Thus the couples are advised to be careful in their behavior. Some natives may start disrespecting the parents and may start speaking lies as Jupiter and Saturn are in 11th house. Other matters afflicted by Mars would be body as whole-wound, injuries, accidents etc indicated.

5) For Leo Lagan- The Debilitated Mars gets to 12th house i.e. an inauspicious house and may become responsible for skin troubles, imprisonment, hospitalization etc. some type of scandals including in sex affairs indicated. Depending on the placement of the Moon, mental worry, loss of sleep, fear from foe is also indicated. The native may not have the needed strength and valor. Few may have painful urination.

6) For Virgo Lagan, this Mars would control 11th house, 4th house and 5th house. Some of the traits of these houses shall be disturbed. The natives may resort to recitation of mantras and worship of lord shiva. Marriage and marital pitfalls may upset the natives. Leaders may come under some sort of criticism from the public. The expenditure may increase.

7) For Libra Lagan- Mars, though gets some directional strength but business losses, troubles and fines with regards to business activities indicated. Industries may suffer from electricity problems and laws governing electricity and also from the excise department. The native may have to work hard for name and fame and the natives shall be guided by their own orders depending on the position of the Moon.

8) For Scorpio Lagan- Mars in debilitation may not give the needed fortune and the native should not get upset as this is a temporary phase. Even saints and persons involved in charitable and religious activates may not have purity of mind. Some such persons may not get the nourished food and they may have difficulties in establishing new temples. Depending on the birth chart and 'dasha', the native may still have self-control and right path.

9) For Saggitarius Lagan- Mars get to 8th house- another trik-bad house in astrology. It aspects the 2nd and 3rd house. This Mars, inter-alia become accident prone and creates 'Mangal Dosha'. The native may have fever, blood pressure and also knee troubles. The native becomes short-tempered and unhappy. In addition, the native become jealous of others and may become adulterer.

10) For Capricorn Lagan- Mars if gets associated with Rahu in 7th house, all sorts of problems in married life indicated unless the position is improved by personal birth chart of the native. Step-motherly treatment from close relations and may not get the expected help from in-laws. The naïve may become lusty, obstinate and rigid but under the control of spouse.

11) For Aquarius Lagan- Mars in 6th house- house of diseases and debts is not considered good both from its placement and the nature of 6th house. The native may take more time for recovery from illness and may not be in a position to liquidate the debts. Though may be helpful to co-borns but develops quarrelsome nature and may have hostile attitude with relations. Ups and down in professional life also indicated.

12) For Pisces Lagan- Mars in trine (5th house) is considered good but he nature may not have desired happiness from children. Gains may be slow and will have to work hard from competition. The native is intelligent but miser with this position, though with Mars in debilitation (Lord of 9th in 5th house), the native is devoted to Guru (Preceptor) and would be religious minded but thoughts may be disturbed and the native may feel agitated.

13) Finally, know more about Mars. Mars is capable of making the native a murderer, doctor (Surgeon), barber and even tailor. It depends on the placement of Mars. Mars represent fire- thus the native become ambitious and depending on the strength of Mars, may have good or poor digestion. Mars, by its action on the Moon becomes the cause of the monthly course in females- thus the Mars has the capacity to make the woman capable to conceive for child. Mars become responsible for killing – see the horoscope of Abrham Lincon, the then President of America, Mahatama Gandhi, father of Nation and Ex Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi and others. Here the Mars had its role to play.

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