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Know About Zodiac Signs: Scorpio (Virischik), Chapter 8, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Home and Domestic Life:

For Scorpio sign Aquarius will be the sign of Scorpio’s 4th House and therefore Saturn is ruler of Home and Family. Saturn is the planet of science, technology, changes and democracy. This will tell a lot about a Scorpio’s conduct in the home and what he or she will need in order to have a happy and harmonious home life. They will need to develop some of the virtues of Aquarius in order to cope better with domestic matters. There will be a need to build a team spirit at home, to treat family activities as truly group activities and family members should all have a say in what does and does not get done. For at times a Scorpio can be most dictatorial. When a Scorpio will get dictatorial, it will be much worse than a Leo or Capricorn, being the two other powerful signs in the Zodiac, does. For the dictatorship of a Scorpio will be applied with more zeal, passion, intensity and concentration than is true of either a Leo or Capricorn. Obviously this can be unbearable to family members especially if hey will sensitive types.

Scorpios can sometimes bring their passion, intensity and willfulness into the home and family, which will not always be the place for these qualities. These traits will be good for the warrior and the transformer, but will not be so good for the nurturer and family members. Because of this and also because of their need for change and transformation, the Scorpio may be prone to sudden changes of residence. If not carefully constrained, the sometimes inflexible Scorpio can produce turmoil and sudden upheavals within the family. In order to get the full benefit of the emotional support that a family can give, for a Scorpio, he or she will need to let go of conservatism and be a bit more experimental, to explore new techniques in childrearing, be more democratic with family members and should try to manage things by consensus rather than by autocratic edict.

Main features of a native born under Scorpio sign are given below in nutshell:

Basic Trait: I Desire.

Positive traits: Materialistic, emotional, powerful feelings, committed, loyal, imaginative, discerning, determined, speaking after thinking, intelligent, good writer and conversationalist, fond of fine arts and dancing, sensual, intense and dynamic in romance, generous, luxury appreciator, self critical, penetrating, protector, compassionate, full of concentration power, magnetic and excitement, lover.

Negative traits: Jealous, suspicious, resentful, obstinate, unforgiving, over critical, sarcastic, being inclined to sensual pleasures, sermonizes upon controlling the same, fickle minded, cruelly inclined, frugal, vindictive, inflexible, compelling subordinate for hard work, ruthless, sadistic, cunning and temperamental difference.

Ruling Planet: Mars (According Western Astrology Pluto)

Symbol: The Scorpion Or the Crab.

Nakshatras: Vishakha (Last part), Anuradha, Jyestha.

Rising Nature: Sirshodya, (rise from head)

Nature: Fixed.

Quality: Fruitful.

Element: Watery.

Part of the Body represented by it: Secret parts.

Water contents: 25%.

Place: Deep holes dug by rats.

Symptoms: Kaph, Phlegm.

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