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Know About Zodiac Signs: Scorpio (Virischik), Chapter 8, Part - 14

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of various planets in scorpio Sign

Sun: Sun placed in Scorpio sign will make native adventurous, bold, quarrelsome, easily angered, keen to pickup fight, handle weapons, cruel, daring, reckless, stubborn, unprincipled, impulsive, idiotic, indolent, surgical skill, dexterous, prone to hurt by poison, weapon or fire, wastes his earning.

Moon: Moon placed in Scorpio sign will make native broad & pretty eyes, wide chest, round shanks and thighs, isolation from parents or preceptors, brown complexion, straight-forward, frank, open-minded, cruel by heart, simulator, malicious, sterility, agitated, unhappy, wealthy but taken by ruler, do secret sins, impetuous, obstinate.

Mars: Mars placed in Scorpio sign will make native middle stature, clever, diplomatic, positive tendency, proud, indulgent, tenacious memory, malicious, aggressive, haughty, great strides in life, get injured.

Mercury: Mercury placed in Scorpio sign will make native found of different occult subjects, difficult to convince, bold, often has trouble from friends, relatives, neighbors, associates with wicked woman, disappointment in love affair, deceitful.

Jupiter: Jupiter placed in Scorpio sign will make native tall, somewhat stooping, elegant manners, serious, exacting, well built, superior air, selfish, imprudent, weak constitution, clever, associates with worthy woman, sickly, easily angered, sub-serviette to women, passionate, conventional, proud, zealous, ceremonious.

Venus: Venus placed in Scorpio sign will make native broad features, quarrelsome, independent, artistic, unjust, proud, disappointed in love, haughty, poor, skilled in physical violence, disease in private parts of the body.

Saturn: Saturn placed in Scorpio sign will make native hard-hearted, adventurous, danger from poisons, fire and weapons, quarrelsome, insincere, do prohibited deeds, suffers losses & chronic illness.

Rahu: Rahu placed in Scorpio sign will make native victory over enemies, Govt. favour, Acquire property, loose moral, deceitful.

Ketu: Ketu placed in Scorpio sign will make native’s all attempt fruitless, short temper, cleaver, deceitful.


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