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Know About Zodiac Signs: Scorpio (Virischik), Chapter 8, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal


A Scorpio and a Sagittarius will be as different as water and fire. Sagittarius will be as different as water and fire. Sagittarius will be light hearted about almost every aspect of life and intensity is a world that will totally alien to his personality. On the other hand, there will be nothing in his life a Scorpio will be not passionate about. He either will have very strong feelings for something or someone or will have no feelings at all. The stubbornness and strong headedness of the former will also be not likely to go down too well with the former. The Archer will love to mingle with new people and have a large crowd around him always. Somewhat the Scorpion will be an introvert and will prefer to be amidst his close group of family and friends. He will have limited interests, towards which he will be very devoted. The former, on the other hand, will have an unusually wide range of interests, none of which will inspire his utmost devotion. A Scorpio will be very emotional as far as a love relationship is concerned, while a Sagittarius will be as frivolous about love matters as he will be in everything else. The flirtatious nature of the Archer may lead to more compatibility problems in this love match.

The Archer is independent and will find Scorpio intense and possessive. Scorpio can lead and parade and Archer will be happy to follow if the journey will be exciting. However, without trust and a long leash, the freedom loving Archer may be heading for the horizon before Scorpio may know it. And trust is not Scorpio’s specialty. Scorpio will not hold Archer in a gilded cage, but can bring stability to that wayward path if Scorpio can give Archer a little space. Since both of them will be very interested in sex, this mixture can be one of the steamiest in the zodiac. Sagittarius, however, is impulsive and spontaneous, even whimsical, while with Scorpio everything is happening below the surface, making it difficult to know what is really going on there. Archer’s outspoken bluntness will go against the scorpion grain too, as Scorpio will be secretive and likes to manipulate, while Sagittarius will prefer to be open and up front. Archer will need to control his or her tongue, and Scorpion will need to keep the whip and spurs on the shelf, at least while they will be making travel plans. However this will be quite a difficult match.

A Sagittarius will love freedom and may feel bogged down by the possessiveness and closeness of a Scorpio. He may fail to understand the Scorpion and his intense emotions. Both the individuals will have to make compromises and adjustments to make this relationship compatible in the long run. At the same time, lots of understanding will be needed on the part of the two. The Scorpio will have to tone down his possessiveness and the Sagittarius will have to control his reckless and too much freedom loving  nature.

When passionate Scorpion will meet venturesome Archer, while there will be fun for awhile but they may struggle to understand each other in the end. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, so they move determinedly to the core of what they want. They choose secure ground to explore things. The Archer is a Mutable Sign, who will have love for change, excitement and a far horizon. Being Water, Scorpio will be emotional, while fiery Sagittarius will be drawn to the passions of the mind. It will not mean Archer will not find the encounter stimulating. Sagittarius will try anything once. But they may seek each other out for different reasons. Scorpios will need to talk about what they both want for themselves and born each other. Scorpio will be proud and secretive and the Archer can talk about anything and everything while ignoring the important subjects. Mutable signs will be evasive and, while the Archer’s freewheeling style may be fascinate at first, Scorpio could find it irritating and boring. If Mars and Venus harmonize, your mutual interest in sex could set the bedroom on fire. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the word `enough’ rarely occurs in Archer’s vocabulary.

In case of a Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman it can be said that it will not be an excellent match. This will not likely to lead to much romance, as both the individuals will be very different from one another. The constant fighting and arguing will prevent the formation of a meaningful relationship. Her playfulness and his fervor will not make a good combination at all. She will prefer to go out, meet new people and be the center of attention. He will need to be at his own place, in his comfortable chair, with a small group of close people. And the differences just go on.

The zodiac match of a Scorpio woman and a Sagittarius man will not have very good chances of success. The dissimilarities will be too many and too serious. She will need security, closeness and utmost devotion while he will only able to give her simple love and romance, not necessarily with all those qualities. His recklessness will go completely against her stability. She wants a serious relationship and he wants one that is open and will not make him feel possessed. Other than lost of cooperation, there will be no way to make this relationship work.


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