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Know About Zodiac Signs: Scorpio (Virischik), Chapter 8, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Scorpio Child:

The child born under this sign will usually have a stronger body than the rest of the kids just to support his much stronger will. He will have broad chest, big eyes, round and heavy thighs and knees. His health will be bad in childhood and will be away from his parents and engaged in cruel deeds but will have good report with the Administration. He will be cleaver but flicker minded. He will never play or compete just for the heck of it. The aim of winning will always be the main reason for it and he will never compromise on this front. He may give in at one point of time, to find some other way through which his victory will be assured. A Scorpio baby will have a very hypnotic gaze, under which most of the people will feel uncomfortable. His parents will have to make him understand that they are the boss of the house and he will have to accept the rules which are laid down by them. They will have to say it softly but firmly, while staring him down. He will need to be constantly disciplined. They will have to teach him to be considerate towards the weak, inculcate sportsmanship, respect authority and learn to forgive those who hurt him. As per their characteristics profile, Scorpio children will be sharp, brave, honest and tend to attract people with their magnetic personality. However, parents will need to teach them humility before it’s too late.

The little babies born under Scorpio will usually be very domineering, and evince this tendency even in babyhood. They will be the fretting ones, those who will demand instant attention, and who will expect to be constantly amused. The Scorpio child who has not learned something of self-control, and who has not been instructed concerning the danger of giving way to jealousy and suspicion before he or she will come to the age of ten years, will not be easily teached during the next ten. Moral and spiritual development will then be an individual matter entirely, and it will come from the working out of a natural law the hardest and the only one- “As man swaths that shall he also reap.”

Generally these children will be so bright, so apt, so quick to separate the good from the bad, the true from the false, when properly trained and directed, that they can be saved from a great deal of after misery and shame by wise instruction in the very early years. This will be true in the largest sense of all children, but these Scorpio little folks by their natural tendency dominate every thing and everybody about them unless this characteristic is corrected as soon as the trait manifests itself. Scorpio babies should be taught to entertain themselves, and should be kept very quiet. The largest and highest possible range of education should be given those born under this sign. These children will usually be very fond of animals, but sometimes become extremely cruel when their commands will not be obeyed. They should be led into a close intimacy, with these dumb creatures as soon as they will old enough to notice, by means of pictures and a personal acquaintance. Scorpio children will be very fond of luxurious surroundings. They should be taught simplicity in all things, and carefully watched as to emotional and passionate habits. This field will be worthy the most patient and persistent working.

One should not seek on Scorpio baby whenever he will do something wrong as he will be very sensitive. While disciplining him, parents should not forget to give him love and affection as just like the other kids; he will also need constant cuddling and pampering. If they fail to do this, he may become too nervous, fearful and fidgety, which will be completely opposite to his natural self. His honesty may make him a little blunt and direct and they will need to teach him to sheath his sharp tongue.

A Scorpio child will have his own secrets and he won’t like parents prying around them. He will seldom tell his own feeling, but they will find it almost impossible to do the same with him. He will have the ability to sense when something is wrong. They will get bear hugs and tender touches from him when something is troubling them, even thought they may have not told him the problem. He will just feel it. One of the basic personality traits of a Scorpio baby will be loyalty and dedication, towards family as well as close friends. He will have an angry side and whoever will dare step on his tail, will remember it not to do again in their whole lifetime. They will have to teach him that revenge and grudge is not good. He will always be leading, whether in academics or sports or extra-curricular activities. He will always be full of energy and you will have to keep him involved mentally and active physically. Scorpio children will tend to see unusual dreams and it will be advisable to encourage them. He will know what he is and what he wants and it will be better for parents not to impose their will on him. Though he will look placid on the outside, inside he will be brimming with passions and emotions. A Scorpio child will need a congenial home atmosphere, or he might lose his usually calm self. Parents should not scold him without a reason and stop him from doing anything without giving him a logical reason. He will have a fascination for dangerous things like fire, drugs, etc. So, it will be better to keep them away from his reach.

Scorpio baby will be as much interested in unusual and mystic stuff as in the opposite sex. He may wink at the neighborhood girl when he has just started walking. Romance will be in his blood and parents will never be able to prevent him from falling in love. Still, they will need to make him cautious in this area, so as to prevent heartbreaks that can affect him deeply. He will give his best in whatever he will do and has determination to get what he wants. At the same time, he will need their love and support. Just be there when he will need you and teach him how to love and be loved. He will always come back to you to make sure that you are still there for him.


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