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There are two kinds of HAPPINESS - Natural & Synthetic. What are you pursuing. Marriage, money & children is what my mother told me are critical for happiness. We have as a race with revolutions ( agriculture , technology etc ) have migrated from - TO LIVE TODAY to GET UP WITH SURETY THAT YOU WILL BE BY ALL PROBABILITY LIVE TOMORROW but we manufacture happiness - is it sensible . Today the more you invest / spend money on an object / person - does that make you happy. We ENJOY & BE HAPPY WITH CHILDREN AS WE FEEL BIG INVESTMENT HAS BEEN DONE - is that the psyche. Drugs make you FEEL GOOD / GREAT but the NET EFFECT IS THAT IT RUINS YOU .Happiness is a feel manufactured by you and religion/philosophy/politicians/priests that have made society. A bundle of small things done predictably each day I believe is happiness BUT i am also in this WORLD swinging in the world - wanting a lottery and not to go in a prison - though the good/bad feel can only last for a year only on an average. Do not work hard to get joy . Never sit idle - your mind will go to negativity so combine being idle with TV - LOVE - SEX - that is is happy moments. Your comments.

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