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IN Society - relationships are all about GIVE - TAKE. Sometimes you get used and thrown - you think - why i did not throw THE PERSON earlier. The biggest thing which hurts is VOICE - TONE & NOT THE CONTENTS. Hello can be said normally and can be said with a SHRILL VOICE WITH EYES CONTRACTING - if you react and a judge examines he would CONCLUDE - NO need of a reaction on that 'WORD' unless it is video recorded. Life & situations make you weak / gullible and especially if the person opposite has a PLAN & A MINIMUM ' TO DO ' LIST , TAKES CONTROL & SUBTLY MANIPULATES - relationships are complex and the one who is a more 'OUT OF THE BOX' thinker wins - makes the life of an another person worse than that of being in the prison . In prison you are cut from society but when close people manipulate you then you are in society externally ( acting ) but you BEING is in DARKNESS - worse that prison - DO NOT DO THIS - PONDER .

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