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Know About Zodiac Signs: Libra (Tula), Chapter 7, Part - 21

Dr. Shanker Adawal


A Libra and an Aquarius will be societal individuals, who will love to meet people, like having social conversations and adore parties. They will have plenty of friends and can seldom be seen without some company. Their first encounter will be vivid and exciting. Aquarius will delight in many new form of sexual expression and Libra will be fascinated with relationship in all its forms, especially with such a delightfully quirky creature. They will like the way each other’s minds work and share interests in music, theatre, and the arts. Both of them will have game for intelligent and intellectual conversations and will hardly ever fall short of them. They will love their independence and will easily find the freedom, they so much desire, in their relationship. The only difference in their personalities will be that the Libra will epitomize personal love, while the love of an Aquarius will be universal.

Libra and Aquarius will have much in common. Both of them will have concerns about justice and fairness. They will enjoy friendships, avoid conflict and live a life that will reflect their compassionate views. Aquarius will be strong and stable, yet adventurous and willing to break new ground. Both of them will love parties and will be interested in other people. Neither of them will demand much from the other. A Libra will use his charm and diplomacy, rather than stubbornness and anger, to get things done from the Water Bearer. The attraction in this love match will be almost instant and it will have all the possibilities of leading to long term compatibility. The Libran will love the Aquarian for his creativity and initiative, while the latter will respect his balanced and harmonious nature. However, a Libran will have to convince the Water Bearer for commitment, which he will be able to do with his usual tact.

In this combination, not always but surprisingly often both will find easy empathy, mental simulation and emotional affinity. There will be strong sympathy between both of them and misunderstanding will not be severe or lasting. The Chances for harmony will be excellent. In many ways, this will be a perfect match, but they will need to recognize the subtle differences between them to make it work in the best possible way. Overall this will be a happy relationship, stronger than any other signs.

A Libra man and an Aquarius woman will get quite well, as they will have many similar personality traits. Their relationship will have the advantages of both a love match as well as friendship. He will always make her feel special and there will be no lack of demonstrativeness on his part. His light hearted attitude, his flirting style and his intellectual mind will make him more and more dear to her. He will love her unusual looks, her clever mind and her spontaneous nature. Between them, the relationship will be warm, cozy and comfortable.

Though it may take considerable effort on the part of a Libran woman to convince the Aquarius man for commitment, once she have done this, she will be one of the few lucky females with a contented relationship. She will be thrilled by his adventurous streak, wild ways and impulsive nature. He will admire her intellectual mind and balanced ways. Neither would dominate the other, neither would constraint the other. Both of them will enjoy the liberty this relationship offers, but not at the cost of loyalty. Both of them bring out the best in each other.


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