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Nature is a miracle and ALSO mysterious. Science finds way to use it for OUR safety and comfort. Nature has evidence and God does not. Let us not divide & kill in the name of religion - GUNS do not KILL - it is the MAN who does it. Religion was made by PEOPLE to bring structure - order - discipline & MIRACLES inserted to make there argument stronger BUT not to fight. Nature and the universe - its ways - they are indeed there. Humans are products of DNA & the SITUATIONS around - you can call it LUCK - . Understand the consciousness around GODs & not FEAR / WAR / RITUALS / FOLLOWING BLINDLY. Use GOD for POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY - overcome fear / be in the present / strength / focus / push yourself harder - the mind glutted with books / events / teachings - YOU YOURSELF HAVE to TELL YOUR MIND - use GOD for that i have said in the line above but not for - at the cost of repetition to RULE - HATE - FIGHT - YOU ADD FRIENDS.

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