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Know About Zodiac Signs: Libra (Tula), Chapter 7, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Their marriages will stand a good chance of success because they will like a fair and true relationship. The Libran’s continuing kindness toward his or her partner will mollifies any hurt and the latter may feel if the two have had a tiff at all. Nor can the Libran’s spouse often complain that he or she is not understood as usually the Libran will be the most empathetic of all the zodiacal types and the most ready to tolerate the beloved’s failings. A Libran will be composed, balanced, lovable, courteous and amiable half of the time. In the other half, he will be exasperating, irritable, inflexible, fidgety, unhappy and mystified. Always he will be tipping to one side or the other, till the perfect balance will be achieved. Librans will have a very captivating smile, which can easily melt heart of a person. Even their laughter rings with gaiety and will seem to brighten up even the dullest of surroundings. They will be very delightful when their mind will be in a balanced state, however, a Libra mind will be prone to fickleness. In fact, his personality will be a mix of kindheartedness, softness, equality, indecisiveness, theoretical logic and inability to take orders. He will also love to argument, especially when someone will pass general statements. A Libran can take both the sides of an argument by turns, and win at both. In fact, he can even switch sides in the middle of the argument. However, behind all this argumentativeness will be the constant urge to be fair and impartial, to look at both the sides of the coin, making him seem indecisive.

The secret fear of Libra subjects will be being alone with themselves. This is a loving sign whose natives will find a way around any impasse to bring peace and harmony into their lives and the lives of others; and whatever be the method of achieving that may be, these are individuals who will mean everything from the bottom of their hearts. However, don’t get impatient when a Libran will be making up his mind. He will hate impatience and it can make him extremely stubborn. He will be very honest and will not like showing off. Librans will love books and will have the ability concentrating and thinking over the deepest of subjects. They will be very much impressed as well as influenced by the harmony of art forms. A Libran will be artistic at heart and will love soft light, melodious music, intelligent conversation, good food and fine wines. He will have combination of intelligence, generosity, fairness and need to be balanced.

In nutshell it can be said that Libras will be the diplomat of the zodiac. They will be able to put themselves in other’s shoes and see things through another person’s point of view. They will be the ones that always want to make things right and have balance and harmony in their life, their surroundings and the lives of the people close to them. They will have captivating charm, elegant taste and they will be easy to like due to their eager to please, easygoing natures. In return for a Libra’s amazing ability to be a good listener, sooth and calm people, they will expect admiration. Libras will gather in a group of people, everyone will become friends then the Libra will be in the centre of the group. They will like the attention and the admiration for the people that they have brought together. They will be very intelligent; often will hide this inside their easygoing exterior. They will express their intelligence through creativity, as most of them will be involved in some sort of artistic or creative pursuit. Many people overlook just how intelligent a Libra actually is. When others see a Libras wide range of interests and hobbies, their intelligence and creativity will be more then obvious. Libras will love variety and different situations, they will welcome change, love luxury and will spend lots of money and surround themselves with beautiful things and they will see to be constantly fussing over their appearance. They will love anything upscale and classy; and will wok hard to please others.


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