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Weather and Earthquake Astrology

Written by Sh. Anil Aggarwala Jyotish Acharaya

Earthquakes result from the strain caused by movement of the plates  that make the earth outer shell and are directly associated with the activity that occur at the Ocean ridges,trenches, and Faults. If the earth crust cannot accommodate itself to the strain, it breaks up. releasing tremendous amount of energy in the form of Sudden shocks. The reasons for the Earthquake to happen are being studied by Scientists all over the world. One study conducted in United States  Geological Survey has predicted that there will be a massive earthquake in San Francisco by 2030.
There are various reasons for the Earthquake to happen, in the recent study conducted by Geologist of Madras university , it has been proved that there are definite grounds to believe that Planetary configuration has a big role  in causing earthquakes. According to this study   when 2 or more planets , Sun and moon are aligned in a line ( 0 or 180 Degrees ) with the earth, then the earth would be caught   in the middle of the huge gravity struggle between the Sun and the Planets . The Gravitational stresses would change the speed  of rotation of Earth in its orbit. When the speed of the rotationof earth changes, the tectonics plates motion is disturbed, just like in a bus when the Driver applies the brake people travelling in the Bus collide, in a similar way the titanic Plates collide and Earthquake is surfaced.
Earthquakes surface close to the heels of Eclipses. We are all aware that there are  2 eclipses one Lunar and one Solar in the month of April 2014, for this reason , I was prompted to write an article on Earthquakes.  Those countries where the eclipses are taking place in the 4/10 axis  from the Lagna or the zodical sign will be more prone to Earthquakes.
Since Earthquake is related to Earth Earthy signs 2,6,10 are important, therefore at least one sign has to be afflicted by malefics.
Mars and Saturn conjunct or in 2/12 or 6/8 axis .
Most of the Planets in the Nakshatra of Ketu, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, but most crucial will be when most of them will be in the nakshatra of Mars and Mercury.
The following countries will be prone.
The places ruled by Earthy Signs are Thailand, North and South Korea, , Bolivia, Ukraine, Libya, India, USSR,  China  Sun in Virgo at 15.00 , Iran no planet in Virgo, Japan has Saturn in Virgo and at 16 degrees , USA has Saturn in Virgo, hence Earthquakes.
The Places of Fiery signs are  Nepal, Pakistan, Australia can have violent happening concerning Fire.
Places which are under influence of Earthy and Fiery signs are Lebanon, Gaza ,, Syria,Mexico,  ,Indonesia,  and other countries where eclipses are taking place in the 4/10 axis from Lagna or the zodical signs.
This is just a Research and  study from the Previous Earthquakes, what Parameters have been formulated . The various chakras are to be used to see the malefic effects of the maleics Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

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