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Earthquake in Nepal

Written by Sh. Anil Aggarwala Jyotish Acharaya 
Lunar Eclipse of 4th April 2015 and Massive Earthquake in Nepal and What Prashna Jyotish Fortells
This is with Reference to the Massive Earthquake in Kathmandu today on the 25th April 2015 at 11.41 hrs.  “Strong earthquake rocks Nepal, damages Kathmandu” link Now Let us see the Planetary positions which led to this  Disaster . Please refer to my Article on this website “Lunar Eclipse of 4th April 2015:What Stars Foretell”

The following are some important parameters.
1. Since Moon is with Rahu at the time of eclipse it is of a Stronger in   magnitude.
2.When Eclipse fall on the Radical planets , Mid Cusp and Lagna  have a telling effect.
3. Rahu and Moon when fall in 3/11 axis or in , trine 5th or 9th  from Natal Sun and Moonand other sensative points as mentioned above and when Conjunct with benefics Jupiter and Venus Produce Favourable results.
4. Eclipse falling in the 8th house and badly aspected  by natal position of planets , specially when Dasha ia also malefic then it results in bad health and Fall of Status.
5. If it falls on Sun Father Suffers and if on Moon then mother Suffers.
6. If it falls on Lagna then effect on the self Fortune and Health .
Last Para  Let us see the Planetary positions  to see in which Mandal the planets are transitting . Rahu, Moon is in Haste  Windy circle, Ascendant in Uttra Phalguni at the time of Eclipse again Windy circle hence strong winds like Tornado. Saturn in Indra Mandal, , Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Ketu in Varun mandal , If Heavy Rainfalls Starts then on the 7th Day there could be EarthQuake in the  Varun Mandal Nakshatras are Revati, P Bhadra, Ardira,Ashlesha , Mula,and Satbisha . There could be heavy rainfalls and damage the State Particularly Jammu and Kashmir.”
Now Let us have a look on the foundation chart of Nepal  of  24th Feb. 1975 03-07 GMT +0-00 Kathmandu  Nepal below.
Chart taken from Book of World horoscopes. by Nicholas Campion
The country is running the dasha of Venus-Jup-Moon  till 6-5-2015, This is self explainatory Venus and Moon both deblitated in navamsha .
Now the Lunar Eclipse on the 4th April took place on the 7th house from the Lagna and the 7th from the 8th lord Venus . The Maha Dasha is also of the 8th Lord Venus who is posited in the Lagna with Lagna Lord Jupiter . In Transit Rahu-Ketu are over the Lagna lord and the 8th Lord and in Transit the 8th Lord Venus is over the Natal Ketu in Taurus , Jupiter aspecting Jupiter in transit and Transit Moon over Natal  Moon. In Navamsha the 8th lord Venus has become Deblitated in the sign of Virgo and Eclipse has taken place in the 7th from Lagna , over the Navamsha sign of the 8th Lord and Saturn has just Retrograded in the Virgo navamsha on the 16th April 2015. As per my Research if Malefics in Transit influence the 8th house, 8th lord , Navamsha sign of 8th Lord , 8th house of navamsha and 8th Lord of navamsha then the magnitude of the Earthquack or untoward happenings deoends upon the number of these parameters influenced . The Following Parameters were activated  at the time of Earthquack.
1. Eclipse taking place in the 7th from Lagna and Lagna Lord Jupiter .
2. Eclipse taking Place over the 7th from the 8th Lord Venus  in the Transit.
3. In Transit Saturn in Navamsha transit over the Navammsha of the 8th Lord Venus in Virgo.
4. In Transit Mars aspecting the Sign Libra the 8th house of the foundation and the navamsha chart.
5.  In Transit the 8th Lord Venus in navamsha is over the Natal Moon and also over the Transit Moon  in Cancer and the Transit Lagna Lord Jupiter .
Hence the Damage has to be acute and therecould be another earthquake till the above combinations prevail specially till Moon in Cancer sign and Venus in Cancer navamsha. moon will shift day after  hence Primarily till 27th April 2015 could be disasterous.   Let us have a look at the Time of Earthquake as well 25th April 11.41 hrs  Kathmandu
Other parameters for the Earthquake are also activated .
1. Mars and Rahu-Ketu axis 6/8.
2. Saturn and Sun 6/8 axis and Saturn a Major planet in Retrogression.
3. Rahu and Venus the 8th lord of the Foundation chart in the nakshatra of Moon and on the 4th april 2015 Eclipse moon was in haste nakshatra . I had written about the Possibility of an Earthquake in my earlier article .
Let us now Analyse it through Prashna Jyotish the occurance of the Earthquake from the Event chart above .
Panchang of the Day
Day is Saturday and Lord is Saturn  Placed in the 3rd yama of the Day in the Sign of Sun, which is inimical and Leo is the 2nd house of the chart and aspected by Saturn who is the 7th and the 8th lord. This is crystal clear of the malefic happenings pertaining to the 2nd house and the Economy of the Country,The Natural disaster .The Lord of Leo is Placed in the 10th house at 10.39 degrees at the Most effective point since very close to Lagna Degrees of 11.12 Sun is also at degrees conjuction with Gulika at 10.24 degrees and the Gulika Lord is also Mars Posited there   Is extremely bad to give most malefic results and more so the 4/10 axis getting afflicted is clear for an earthquake. Day Lord is malefic and retrograde and not good for the Longevity Purpose .  Day Lord Saturn is also aspected by Gulika Lord Mars .Hence Negative
Tithi  SP-7  Lord is Sun and placed in the 10th house with Gulika as explained above , Hence Negative
Nakshatra Punarvasu  It is a Sulochana Nakshatra in Prashna Jyotish and Indicates no recovery .Hence negative .
Yoga Driti  Lord is Rahu and Represents Saturn as per Prashna Marg here. Hence Negative  Placed in the nakshatra of Moon ,Triad  Nakshatra of the Eclipse on the 4th April 2015. Hence negative.
Karna Vanija and the lord of the same connected to Saturn the lord of the 7th and the 8th house . Hence Negative.
Lagna is Prishtodayo Cancer in the Nakshatra of Saturn at 11.12 degrees and aspected by Gulika lord Mars from the 10th house . Nakshatra Lord is placed in the 5th house and as explained aspects the 2nd house . Hence Negative.
Lagna Lord and Moon both in Prishtodayo sign and aspected by Gulika Lord Mars . Hence hegative .
Lagna and 6th house both Dagdha Rashis  Most malefic . Hence Negative.
Jupiter Lord of Dagdha Rashi its MT sign placed in the Lagna with Lagna Lord in Dagdha rashi and aspected closely by Gulika Lord Mars . Most malefic Hence negative. Rahu-Ketu  As per Prashna marg Rahu will behave as Saturn and Ketu as Moon as per the Event chart and both are aspected by Gulika Lord Mars , All planets connected to Gulika and Saturn , Hence most malefic happening , there is not even a single parameter  which is benefic. Hence Negative 
Uday Lagna and Arudha Lagna both connected to Gulika and Chaitra Rashi connected to Saturn  is most malefic .
Navamsha sign  Gulika Navamsha Lord is Moon and 4th house is rising a movable Lagna ,which is in Paap kartari yoga in the Event Chart. Hence Negative . Day Lord is Retrograde and Lord of the 7th and 8th house aspecting the 11th house, 7th house and 2nd house and connetced to Gulika lord Mars can give 3 major Earthquakes till Moon Reaches Rahu in Virgo and Mars in aries till 3rd May 2015. The Earthquakes can be felt repeatedly in all those ares where Earth Quakes have taken Place on the 25th April 2015
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 25th April 2015  15-40 hrs

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