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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Compatibility of Virgo with other Zodiac Signs


A relationship between two Virgos will have much to attract both partners. The result can be either a perfect relationship, with no faults, or an unsuitable love match, with zero compatibility. The union will likely tohave extreme results and the term `moderate’ will never ever apply to it. Generally it seems impossible to go wrong with someone of same good sense. This can be a wonderful partnership if they do not suffer from too much of a good thing. Because both of them will be common signs, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to communicate effectively. In fact, it may be very easy for them to live under the same roof without ever disagreeing on anything. They will also share passions of the mind, and will never bore each other. Only it may be harder to decide on a mutual direction and goals to work toward. They will need some form of common focus to keep from living in their own separate worlds. Actually, they will bring out the very best in each other but immersed in their own separate interests, which will be fine some of the time, but will not allow much growth. When they can set goals together and work towards as a team, there will be a very little which they cannot accomplish.

As the value of dedication will be high for Virgos and therefore once they will agree to a goal mutually, they would attain it by all means. Sharing the same Mercury ruled earthy sign generally means that they both are practical, organized, and analytical. It should be fairly easy for them to agree on most of the important things, but very so often an individual will insist on playing the opposite side of the coin, which means one of them could be incorrigibly disorganized, unfocused, and realistic. The demand for perfection can also become a spoilsport for the Virgos. If and when one of them will fail to live up to the expectations of the other things will start getting sour. Virgos are characterized as being very picky and they will find faults in other’s work very easily. This over criticizing nature will have to be controlled, if they want to make a harmonious relationship out of the bondage. Nonetheless, there are also some positive traits in them, which would add to the compatibility levels and make them go well with each other.

They may want to be conscious of who will be playing what role so that they don’t inadvertently create imbalance. Both of them will think that there is more in life than. However, when both of them will be the best that they can be, they will have nothing to worry about and everything to celebrate. They will entertain each other by doing things which the other will find of importance. Both of them would take care of the smallest of details. They would be very loyal towards each other and would share great chemistry. Two Virgos can form an excellent couple, if they put in their conscious effort not to be criticizing and find faults in everything the other does. A little less nose for perfection and the couple can head for a happy and contented life. This combination will work best if there will be diversity in their Ascendants. With a little diversity between them, this can be a deeply satisfying and exciting relationship. There might be an ongoing contest over who will be the leader, but they will have too much else in common for that to matter. Both of them will be practical and realistic and love to do things in a routine and organized manner So, there would be no threat to their need for excellence. As long as they can curb their disposition for finding fault and find balance in their relationship together, this will be a perfect match.


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