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Know About Zodiac Signs: Leo (Simha), Chapter 5, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Profession and Finance:

In professional life they will do well at any vocation at which there will be room at the top. Business dealings will be easy and successful for Leo, if they will be in command and control. This can cause conflict in the workplace should the Leo not be in a position of superiority, but they will usually get there eventually thanks to their powerful drive to succeed. In other words, they will be excellent leaders because this will be their kingdom they have to control, and they will do it well. Leo will have an amazing ability to get along with people and they work best in a group as opposed to alone. They can be very diplomatic in a group setting and can delegate people well; however Leo will not take orders. They will need to give orders but with their enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Other people will not have a problem in taking orders from a Leo because they will never be condescending and they will treat others with respect and equality. Leos will be full of drama, flair and extravagance and this will reflect in their business world. They will make an impact, they will make a difference in the workplace and help to keep the parts moving in sync and iron out any problems before they arise. If the business fails, it means that Leo fails and they will be extremely determined not to fail. Leo is the most extravagant sender of all astrology signs. They will not over do it but they will surround themselves with luxury as much as possible. They will never settle for second best.

As politicians they will be content with nothing less than a powerful position in government. In business they may be the chairman of their company’s board, or at least directors or managers. They will be excellent organizers and overseers, and if from the artisan ranks of society they will aspire to become the boss, partly because they will be ambitious by nature, partly because they will dislike manual labour, preferring to take charge of others doing it. If artistic, Leos can become stars of stage or screen as their bent of mind will be serious rather than light drama, maestros as musicians when they will gravitate toward the grand instruments or activities, such as the organ or conducting or orchestras and as painters; anything grand in conception and scale appeals to them. Leo women will be exceptionally good welfare workers. Leos will be great leaders but not necessarily good managers. They will be better at handling the overall picture than the nitty-gritty details of business. If they will have good managers working for them they can become exceptional executives. They will have vision and a lot of creativity. Leos will love wealth for the pleasures which it can bring. They will love an opulent lifestyle, pomp and glamour. Even when they will not be wealthy even then they will live as if they are. This is why many will fall into debt, from which it will be sometimes difficult to emerge.

At their jobs, Leos will excel in positions of authority and power. They will be good at making decisions on a grand level but they will prefer to leave the details to others. Leos will be well respected by their colleagues and subordinates, mainly because they will have a knack for understanding and relating to those around them. Usually Leos will strive for the top positions even if they will have to start at the bottom and work hard to get there. As might be expected of such a charismatic Sign, Leos will always be trying to improve their work situation. They will do so in order to have a better chance of advancing to the top. On the other hand, Leos will not like to be bossed around or told what to do. Perhaps this is why they will aspire so for the top, where they can be the decision makers and need not take orders from others. Leos will never doubt their success and focus all their attention and efforts on achieving it. Another great Leo characteristic is that, just like good monarchs, they will not attempt to abuse the power or success they achieve. If they will do so this will not be willful or intentional. Usually they will like to share their wealth and try to make everyone around them join in their success.

Leos, will be and likely to be perceived as hard working and well established individuals. It will definitely be true that they will be capable of hard work and often manage great things. But one should not forget that, deep down inside, Leos really will be fun lovers. Sometimes like Pisceans, Leos will be generous to a fault. Very often they will want to acquire wealth solely so that they can help others economically. For Leo wealth will buy services and managerial ability. It will create jobs for others and improves the general well being of those around them. Therefore, for a Leo wealth will be good and to be enjoyed to the fullest. Money will not be left to gather dust in a moldy banks be quite reckless in their spending. With the sign of Virgo on 2nd house, Leo will need to develop some of Virgo’s traits of analysis, discrimination and purity when it comes to money matters. They must learn to be more careful with details of finance.

Leos will like it when their friends and family know that they can depend on them for financial support. They will not mind and even enjoy the lending money. From their `regal throne’ Leos will like to bestow gifts upon their family and friends and then enjoy the good feelings, these gifts bring to everybody. They will love financial speculations and when the celestial influences will be right – will often be lucky. Leos are found as painters, actors, or sculptors; but not all Leos will be in the public arts, rather they can be found in the throes of creation doing their projects on the kitchen table. They will have an infectious vitality that lights up their lives like an inner Sun and illuminates not only their lives, but the lives of those around them. Lack of fulfillment in life, professionally or personally, can destroy these bright and shinning people and cloud their personalities.


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