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Know About Zodiac Signs: Leo (Simha), Chapter 5, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Leo (Simha)


Ruling Planet: Sun

Symbol: The Lion

Nature: Fixed and masculine

Likes: Speculative ventures, Lavish Living, Children, Drama, Pageantry and Grandeur.

Dislikes: Doing things safely, Ordinary Day to day living, Small minded people, Penny pinching and Mean spiritedness.

Benefic Planets: Sun, Marsh, Jupiter

Neutral Planets: Moon

Malefic Planets: Mercury, Venus, Saturn

Marka Planets: Saturn, Mercury, Moon

Positive Trait: Confident, Ambitious, Loyal, Encouraging, Generous, Warm hearted, Creative, Enthusiastic, Broad-minded, Expansive, Faithful and Loving.

Negative Trait: Pretentious, Domineering, Melodramatic, Stubborn, Vain, Pompous, Patronizing, Bossy, Interfering. Dogmatic and Intolerant.

When reading the personality description of these traits above, please keep in mind that the ones discussed here are mainly indicative of the influence of their element, and the influence of their ruling planet. The positions of the other celestial bodies at the very moment of their birth could change, or temper them to a vast extent.

Leo is the fifth and northern sign of the Zodiac which is a commanding, fixed, choleric, masculine, fiery and most dominant in nature. This is the heart of the Grand Man or Microcosm. It governs the heart and blood of life, the higher attributes being belief and self-control. It is ruled by the Sun, which is considered as the king of the zodiac and is Sattvic in nature. It is a quadruped and a royal sign. It is related with forests and rises with its head. It has a large, white body. It resides in the east and is strong during daytime. As the Sun is a fiery planet and Leo is a fiery sign, due to this combination this sign become very fiery indeed. Add to that the male quality, and the sign’s symbol of a Lion makes a lot of sense. Leo will be very independent in nature but they will need something to control and someone to admire them and appreciate them. Although they will be fully capable of being greatly successful on their own but they will be much happier if they will have an audience and a following of people who look up to them. They would prefer not to be alone. Leo will have a great deal of self confidence but they will also have a great fear of being ridiculed and made to feel disgraced. While Leo will be very affectionate there will be a tendency to have things their way and may rapidly lose interest if they will be challenged too often for the leading role. They will have to learn to discipline themselves against their overall enthusiasm for living life to the fullest, which is to say, dangerously on the edge. The creative urge in Leos should never be stifled as by doing so a good deal of potential will be wasted.

Sun represents the king, and the lion is called the king of the animal kingdom. People with a prominent Leo sign in their chart will be territorial, and need to have some domain where they will be in charge. They will have pride and radiance and natural leadership qualities. The ego is pronounced, and questioning such a person is likely to cause a strong response. Leo will not be very flexible, but can be very generous when it is served with maintaining its dignity. It thrives on being recognized for it’s superiority in some area. This Sign becomes strong, when it is in between 13degree. 20’ to 16degree.20’


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